ÉslPlus: Hei neken® The world's most international beer brand Our business priorities (continued) Deliver top line growth - Global brand Cities without beaches throw II Jftethe best In 2018, Heineken® posted an exceptional 7.7% volume growth. This is our best performance in over a decade, driven by our operating companies around the world - from the smallest to the largest. Heineken® global sponsorships Heineken® expanded its portfolio of world-class sponsorships, adding electric street racing series, Formula E, to a list that already includes UEFA Champions League, Formula One™, Rugby World Cup and James Bond. Ue.iwkeJ^- t - New Heineken® communication strategy We evolved our marketing strategy, aiming to be more relevant to the millennial generation. We want to provide a fresh point of view through inspirational, light-hearted and universal messaging that will encourage consumers to enjoy life to its fullest. Report of the Executive Board Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Introduction

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