95 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements (continued) 16. Investments in associates and joint ventures Summarised financial information for equity accounted joint ventures and associates - - - 17. Other investments and receivables - Sensitivity analysis - equity price risk Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information HEINEKEN has interests in a number of individually insignificant joint ventures and associates. The following table includes, in aggregate, the carrying amount and HEINEKEN's share of profit and OCI of joint ventures and associates: Joint ventures Associates In millions of EUR 2016 2015 2016 2015 Carrying amount of interests 2,022 1,852 144 133 Share of: Profit or loss from continuing operations 124 151 26 21 Other comprehensive income 7 124 158 26 21 In millions of EUR Note 2016 2015 Non-current other investments and receivables Available-for-sale investments 30 427 287 Non-current derivatives 30 254 210 Loans to customers 30 58 69 Loans to joint ventures and associates 30 18 22 Long-term prepayments 145 115 Held-to-maturity investments 30 1 1 Other receivables 30 174 152 1,077 856 Current other investments Investments held for trading 30 16 - 16 Effective interest rates on loans to customers range from 0 - 16.0%. The other receivables mainly originate from the acquisition of the beer operations of FEMSA and represent a receivable on the Brazilian authorities on which interest is calculated in accordance with Brazilian legislation. Collection of this receivable is expected to be beyond a period of five years. A part of the aforementioned receivable qualifies for indemnification towards FEMSA. HEINEKEN has interests in several entities where it has less than significant influence. These are classified as available-for-sale investments and valued based on their share price when publicly listed. For investments that are not listed fair values are established using multiples. Debt securities (which are interest-bearing) with a carrying amount of EUR 15 million (2015: EUR 15 million) are included in available-for-sale investments. As at 31 December 2016, an amount of EUR 342 million (2015: EUR 98 million) of available-for-sale investments and investments held for trading is listed on stock exchanges. An increase or decrease of 1% in the share price at the reporting date would not result in a material impact on HEINEKEN's financial position.

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