87 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements (continued) 6. Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries and non-controlling interests Acquisition of subsidiaries Accounting for prior year acquisitions Acquisitions of non-controlling interests Disposal of Distribev 7. Assets or disposal groups classified as held for sale Assets and liabilities classified as held for sale - - - Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information During 2016, HEINEKEN completed several immaterial acquisitions, amongst others in the Philippines. The accounting for the acquisitions of Heineken South Africa (Pty) Limited (formerly known as DHN Drinks (Pty) Limited) and Sedibeng Brewery (Pty) Limited (South Africa), Desnoes Geddes (Jamaica), GAPL Pte Ltd. (Malaysia) and Pivovarna Lasko (Slovenia) has been finalised in the fourth quarter of 2016 without any significant adjustments. During 2016 HEINEKEN acquired 22.5% of the floating shares in Desnoes Geddes ('D&G'). HEINEKEN owned a 95.8% stake in D&G as at 31 December 2016. Furthermore, during 2016 HEINEKEN acquired the remaining 46.6% floating shares in Pivovarna Lasko Union, d.o.o. (formerly known as Pivovarrna Lasko d.d.). The consideration paid for the acquisition of non-controlling interests in 2016 and the related equity impact (result of buy out) are disclosed in the table below: In millions of EUR Consideration paid Value of non- controlling interest Result buy-out Desnoes Geddes (Jamaica) 150 85 65 Pivovarna Lasko (Slovenia) 104 54 50 Other 40 5 35 Total 294 144 150 On 1 February 2016, HEINEKEN completed the sale of 80% in Distribev Sp. z o.o., Grupa Zywiec S.A.'s local sales and distribution company serving the traditional trade and horeca market, to the Orbico Group. A EUR 8 million pre-tax gain was recorded in other income. The assets and liabilities below are classified as held for sale following the commitment of HEINEKEN to i Efforts to sell the assets and liabilities classified as held for sale have commenced and are expected to be a plan to sell these assets and liabilities. completed during 2017. In millions of EUR 2016 2015 Current assets 13 53 Property, plant and equipment 38 67 Intangible assets 6 Other non-current assets 3 Assets classified as held for sale 57 123 Current liabilities (11) (31) Non-current liabilities (6) Liabilities classified as held for sale (17) (31) In 2015, the assets and liabilities held for sale mainly related to Distribev Sp. z o.o. (Grupa Zywiec S.A.'s sales and distribution company serving the traditional trade and horeca market)in Poland. Closing of the transaction occurred on 1 February 2016.

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