34 Corporate Governance Statement (continued) Composition of the Executive Board Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information The Executive Board currently consists of two members, Chairman/CEO Jean-Franqois (J.F.M.L.) van Boxmeer and CFO Laurence Debroux. Information on these Executive Board members is provided below. Jean-Francois (J.F.M.L.) van Boxmeer (1961) Belgian nationality; male. Initial appointment in 2001; Reappointment: 2013*; four-year term ends in 2017; Chairman/CEO (since 2005). No supervisory board seats (or non-executive board memberships) in Large Dutch Entities**. Other positions***: Mondelez International, USA; Henkel AG Co., Germany; National Opera Ballet, Netherlands (Chairman). Laurence Debroux (1969) French nationality; female. Initial appointment in 2015; four-year term ends in 2019; CFO (since 2015). No supervisory board seats (or non-executive board memberships) in Large Dutch Entities**. Other positions***: HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) Paris, France. For the maximum period of four years. Large Dutch Entities are Dutch N.V.s, BV.s or Foundations (that are required to prepare annual accounts pursuant to Chapter 9 of Book that meet two of the following criteria (on a consolidated basis) on two consecutive balance sheet dates: (i) The value of the assets (according to the balance sheet with the explanatory notes and on the basis of acquisition and manufacturing (ii) The net turnover exceeds EUR 40 million; (iii) The average number of employees is at least 250. Under 'Other positions', other functions are mentioned that may be relevant to performance of the duties of the Executive Board. Best practice provision II.1.1 of the Code recommends that an Executive Board member is appointed for a maximum period of four years and that a member may be reappointed for a term of not more than four years at a time. In compliance with this best practice provision, the Supervisory Board has drawn up a rotation schedule in order to avoid, as far as possible, a situation in which Executive Board members retire at the same time. Members of the Executive Board are not allowed to hold more than two supervisory board memberships or non-executive directorships in a Large Dutch Entity or foreign equivalent. Acceptance of such external supervisory board memberships or non-executive directorships by members of the Executive Board is subject to approval by the Supervisory Board, which has delegated this authority to the Selection Appointment Committee. Pursuant to the Act on Management and Supervision (the Act), which came into force on 1 January 2013, executive boards of large Dutch public companies, such as Heineken N.V., are deemed to have a balanced composition if they consist of at least 30% female and 30% male members. Currently, the Executive Board is composed of one male and one female member, and is therefore deemed to be balanced within the meaning of the Act. 2 of the Dutch Civil Code or similar legislation) costs) exceeds EUR 20 million;

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