Shareholder Information (continued) Heineken Holding N.V. shares Market capitalisation Heineken Holding N.V. American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) Share distribution comparison year-on-year Heineken Holding N.V. shares* Heineken Holding N.V. share price Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Heineken NV. I O I Annual Report 2016 Other Information The ordinary shares of Heineken Holding N.V. are traded on Euronext Amsterdam. The shares are listed under ISIN code NL0000008977 Prices for the ordinary shares may be accessed on Bloomberg under the symbol HEIO.NA and on the Reuters Equities 2000 Service under HEIO.AS. In 2016, the average daily trading volume of Heineken Holding N.V. shares was 110,293 shares. On 31 December 2016, there were 288,030,168 ordinary shares of EUR 1.60 nominal value in issue and 250 priority shares of EUR 2.00 nominal value in issue. At a year-end price of EUR 66.14 on 30 December 2016, the market capitalisation of Heineken Holding N.V. on balance sheet date was EUR 19.1 billion. Year-end price EUR 66.14 30 December 2016 Highest closing price EUR 74.96 29 July 2016 Lowest closing price EUR 62.54 11 February 2016 HEINEKEN's shares are trading Over-the-Counter (OTC) in the US as American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). There are two separate Heineken ADR programmes representing ownership respectively in: 1) Heineken N.V. and 2) Heineken Holding N.V. For both programmes, the ratio between HEINEKEN ADRs and the ordinary Dutch (EUR denominated) shares is 2:1, i.e. two ADRs represent one HEINEKEN ordinary share. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas acts as depositary bank for HEINEKEN's ADR programmes. Heineken N.V. Ticker: HEINY ISIN: US4230123014 CUSIP: 423012301 Structure: Sponsored Level Exchange: OTCQX Ratio (DR:ORD): 2:1 ADR Heineken Holding N.V. Ticker: HKHHY ISIN: US4230081014 CUSIP: 423008101 Structure: Sponsored Level I ADR Exchange: OTCQX Ratio (DR:ORD): 2:1 Based on free float (excluding holding of L'Arche Green N.V. and FEMSA in Heineken Holding N.V.). Based on 96.0 million shares in free float. Americas 38.8% Rest of Europe 9.9% UK/Ireland 22.0% Rest of World 4.3% 1.4% 4.7% 18.9% In EUR, Euronext Amsterdam 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 10 20 Share price range |Year-end price Average trade in 2016: 110,293 shares per day Source: CMi2i estimate based on available information January 2017.

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