149 Reporting basis and criteria non-financial indicators (continued) Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information Sustainable sourcing indicators (continued) Supplier Code four-step procedure compliance with four-step Supplier Code Procedure 1. The Supplier Code is signed by the suppliers in the first step 2. For all suppliers a risk analysis is performed in step two 3. Supplier with a high risk profile are invited to join the EcoVadis sustainability monitoring platform in step three 4. In step four site audits are conducted for suppliers showing limited performance in the previous step This KPI measures the average performance over the four steps of our Supplier Code Procedure, per operating company, and then taking the average of all operating companies in scope Number of contract terminations Number of suppliers with which any commercial relationship ended, because: a) they were unwilling to sign our supplier code b) or refused to subscribe to EcoVadis c) or refused to undergo a site audit Responsible consumption indicators of media spend for Heineken® All expenses incurred for placing and broadcasting Heineken® brand dedicated responsible consumption in supporting dedicated advertisements in various paid media and other specific responsible consumption campaign activities, across responsible consumption selected operating companies totalling at least 50% of global Heineken® volumes, amounting to 10% of their campaign in at least 50% of actual Heineken® media spend our market volume Number of operating companies Working closely with third parties like local governments, NGOs and specialists, these partnerships address have and report publicly on a alcohol-related harm on issues like underage drinking, drinking and driving or excessive drinking. In scope are measurable partnership aimed all HEINEKEN markets, with the exemption of Islamic countries, export markets, markets where we have a Joint at addressing alcohol abuse Venture, and one minimal-volume market (Laos) for who allocating resource is unrealistic. South Africa will be included as of 2017. Low- and no-alcohol All beer, cider, hop and/or malt based drinks with an ABV of 3.5% or less. This does not include soft drinks Low- and no-alcohol as of our global volume Total low- and no-alcohol volume/Total consolidated beer and cider volume Ingredients and nutrition information on pack for all our beer brands in the EU This involves beer brands produced and sold by HEINEKEN operating companies in the European Union. Commitment is only applicable to consumer-facing products (bottles, cans). We committed to include ingredients and energy values (kcal) per 100ml, plus a link on the packaging referring to a website where consumers can obtain further information on fat, sugars, protein and salt Health safety indicators Number of HEINEKEN operating Our 'Safety First' approach is focused on improving safety across the whole company. The 12 rules set out clear companies having approved and simple 'do's and don'ts' for our highest-risk activities. All operating companies are required to assess their plans in place for Life Saving safety performance and close any gaps through action plans Rules actions Fatal accidents All work-related fatal accidents of permanent, fixed-term or temporary personnel (own staff and contractor personnel) Accidents An accident which resulted in permanent disability or which requires hospitalisation for more than 24 hours or resulting in more than 1 lost day Lost days Lost days are counted from the first day after the case until the day the person returns to normal duties at work. All calendar days are counted Accident frequency Number of accidents resulting in absence from work per 100 FTE. This is an indicator of the state of health and safety at the workplace Accident severity Number of days lost from work as a result of disabling injuries per 100 FTE

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