Be commercially assertive K GSA Our business priorities (continued) Excellent Outlet Execution ensures that our brands are available at the right price and are of the highest quality, so we win at every point of sale. CO2 emissions per fridge were 46% less than in 2010, putting us on track to reach our 2020 commitment. Transformation through technology Sales Execution Mobile is used by 1,837 sales reps during 2,500,000 visits to 800,000 unique outlets. l Sales Academy xained across 45 countries. Excellent Outlet Execution Aligning 23,000+ sales people across 70+ markets through a common language, consistent assessment and clear KPIs. Heineken NV. ■RgQgQQIQyltQg^^^l Report of the Financial Sustainability Other IO Annual Report 2016 Introduction Supervisory Board Statements Review Information Our global sales force aims to maximise sales through Excellent Outlet Execution (EOE). EOE drives the Picture of Success for every outlet we visit. Through our Sales Execution Mobile (SEM) tool, our sales representatives can see how an outlet is performing and capture the order intent of each one. SEM increases our effectiveness through KPI measurement and allows sales people to spend more time in the market, selling. With our common Revenue Management capability, we maximise revenue and profitability of our volume sold through disciplined analytics and execution. Our Global Sales Academy develops and deploys sales programmes to front-line sales people, sales managers and key account managers. It ensures our global sales community is equipped with the skills and capabilities to achieve the Picture of Success. WtkltlH

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