Values and behaviours f 145 Sustainability Review (continued) We value a passion for quality, enjoyment of life, and respect for people and for our planet. Our values represent what we stand for as a corporate citizen, a business partner and an employer. They are part of our company culture, and our Code of Business Conduct, Supplier Marketing Codes. Code of Business Conduct Speak Up Employee engagement Diversity Employees' and Human Rights DEFICIÊNCIA NAOÉ RÓTULO. Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information - As of 2016 year end, more than 50,000 employees had completed our Code of Business Conduct training, either online or in classroom sessions. - At the end of 2016, module one and module two of our anti-bribery e-learning training programme were completed more than 11,000 times. Module three will be launched in 2017. - We received 380 grievance reports through Speak Up in 2016, up from 330 in 2015. Reports related to fraud (36%), misconduct or inappropriate behaviour (33%), discrimination and harassment (7%), and other issues (24%). - 64% of reports were substantiated and corrective and preventative actions taken where relevant and possible. Actions included process and control improvements, reimbursement of financial loss and disciplinary measures. - On 14 December 2015, former employees of Bralima in Bukavu, DRC filed a complaint with the Dutch National Contact Point (NCP) with regard to an alleged violation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We accepted the NCP's offer to enter into a mediation process and welcome the opportunity to understand the issues raised by the complainants that occurred in 2003. In 2016, 86% of our employees participated in HEINEKEN's Employee Engagement Survey. The Employee Engagement Index score, which assesses the motivation, commitment and willingness of our employees to apply discretionary effort, rose by 1% to 78%. This is 7% above the externally benchmarked norm and marks us out as a high-performing organisation in relation to engagement. We want to make sure there are equal opportunities for all. Cultural diversity remains our strong point. In 2016, we had 53 different nationalities amongst our senior managers. However, we need to do more to increase our gender diversity. In 2017, we are rolling out a renewed guide of Leadership Expectations and a new Inclusion and Diversity Platform to help us better leverage our global talent pool. Growing a talent pipeline to build a diverse organisation will take time. Representation by gender in (2016) Male Female Supervisory Board 73 27 Executive Board 50 50 Executive Team 80 20 Senior Management 83 17 - With the expert support of Shift, we are developing a Human Rights Due Diligence process based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. To better understand the Human Rights related challenges in our operations and supply chain, we conducted a global gap analysis and initiated Human Rights workshops in Mexico, Myanmar and Nigeria. Based on the insights, we will develop a Human Rights action plan and guidance for our operating companies in 2017. - We participated in the 2016 pilot study of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark. This benchmark ranks the top 500 globally listed companies on their human rights policy, process and performance. - We started co-operating with the African Studies Centre Leiden (Leiden University) to have a closer look at the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Africa, more specifically in conflict zones and in markets operating in difficult conditions. Looking ahead We are increasing our dialogue with NGOs, investors, government ministries and other stakeholders. NA HEÏWtKEN 50MQS TODOS JGUAIS. For more on our Business Code of Conduct and Employees' and Human Rights approach, see our website

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