Promoting health and safety 1.16 35 HI 143 Sustainability Review (continued) Nothing is more important than ensuring our employees and the people we work with are safe when they perform their duties. Our ultimate goal is simple: zero fatalities, and 'Safety First' is our number one company behaviour. Implement Life Saving Rules Safety performance Accident severity 4o] Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information Our 2020 commitment - Life Saving Rules action plans fully implemented. Our 2018 milestone - Operating companies representing 95% of employees have accomplished 80% of the actions coming from Live Saving Rules action plans. Our progress in 2016 On track - In 2016, all operating companies have assessed their safety performance and defined their rules of the Life Saving Rules action plan. The 12 rules set out clear and simple do's and don'ts for our highest risk activities. Our progress in 2016 - We greatly regret that 15 people lost their lives while working within the HEINEKEN Company in 2016 (2015: 22). Three were direct HEINEKEN employees and 12 were employed by contractors or suppliers. - In Brazil, four contract workers at the HEINEKEN brewery in Jacarei lost their lives and another injured when a boiler under repair exploded on 28 January. - Three people lost their lives in Ethiopia, three in Mexico, one in DRC, one in Egypt, one in France, one in Greece, and one in Russia. - Accidents among HEINEKEN employees fell from 1,060 to 894 in 2016. 490 accidents were in logistics and distribution, 236 in sales and marketing, 135 in production and 33 in support functions.16 - Road safety officer trainings are being conducted and executed by the operating companies. For more detailed information on our health and safety performance, see our website and case studies Fatalities and permanent disabilities 2014 Company wide 2015 2016 Fatalities of Company personnel 4 6 3 Fatalities of contractor personnel 11 16 12 Permanent disabilities of Company personnel 11 6 3 Accidents (absolute values)16 Accidents of Company personnel 1,297 1,060 894 Accidents of contractor personnel 159 140 171 Lost days of Company personnel 29,515 31,008 27,240 Total workforce (FTE)17 79,538 76,956 77,215 Accidents (relative values)16 Accident frequency (cases per 100 FTE Company personnel) 1.63 1.38 1.16 Accident severity (average lost days per 100 FTE Company personnel) 37 40 35 Accident frequency cases per 100 FTE 2016 1.16 2015 1.38 2014 1.63 Last calendar days/100 FTE 6 The current reporting period for accidents is from December 2015 up till and including November 2016. 7 The FTE is measured as the average of the month end FTEs for the in scope operating companies. 2016 35 2015 2014

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