U:uiïmEïLfv EUifctw 142 Sustainability Review (continued) Building partnerships to address alcohol abuse More to do v P TT Deliver global industry commitments Ingredients and nutrition information on labels Heineken NV. Report of the Report of the Financial Sustainability Other Annual Report 2016 Introduction Executive Board Supervisory Board Statements Review Information Our 2020 commitment - Every market in scope has and reports publicly on a measurable partnership aimed at addressing alcohol abuse. Our 2018 milestone - Operating companies representing 90% of sales volume report publicly on a measurable partnership aimed at addressing alcohol abuse. Our progress in 2016 - 51 operating companies across 50 markets have a partnership in place to address alcohol-related harm. - Of these, 69% have met our partnership criteria, representing 81% of the consolidated beer volume. See the case study section of our website for examples of our partnerships Our 2018 milestone - Deliver global industry commitments by end of 2017 and report in 2018, taking actions in five key areas: under-age drinking, marketing codes of practice, consumer information and product innovation, drinking and driving, retailer support. For more information on our responsible consumption approach, see our website Our progress in 2016 On track - A collective report on the progress on these commitments was published in July 2016 and assured by KPMG. - A progress report for 2016 will be published by IARD mid 2017. - By end of 2016, low- and no-alcohol options made up 6% of our total global volume. Looking ahead We continue the expansion of our low- and no-alcohol portfolio. In 2017, we will launch a 0.0 version of our flagship brand Heineken®. Our 2016 milestone - Provide ingredients and nutrition information on pack for all our beer brands in the EU, ahead of industry. - Include a link on the packaging referring to a website, where consumers can obtain further information on fat, sugars, protein and salt. Our progress in 2016 Partly achieved - By the end of 2016, labels have been changed for 47% of brands in scope15. - For 37% of brands, these labels also display a link to a website. - Delivering this commitment isn't straightforward due to the complexity of the operation. We aim to achieve it before the end of 2017, still ahead of the industry but avoiding unnecessary waste by first using existing stock. «UB 'ei iwpwK MM; Kin Pie HtaLn ItHKMtB PS I tr?. niEBG i- E't thtKi; ;iu ES" E!-:U! Ett. I (CflSOHf.M D! Ftt( JW* HUtVBH WBHHliW (tf MB Of FiKJUflc 15 Imported low volume non-European brands are not in scope.

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