I Amsterdam 1873 Paris 1889 Amsterdam 1931 New York 1933 World 2013 The Future Celebrating 140 years young Our premium beer was first brewed from our home in Amsterdam. Gerard Adriaan Heineken had an ambition to share our beer with the planet. He would open the world to the great taste of Heineken® - and we continue to do so today. A remarkable World Exhibition. The Eiffel Tower was born and our lager beer received the grand-Prix for the world's best beer. To this day, the award is proudly displayed on our bottle - just as the Eiffel Tower still stands tall on the Champ de Mars. A symbol of quality was born-the Heineken® red star. Each of the five points represents a natural ingredient of the beer: barley, hops, water, our unique A-yeast, and the magic touch of the brewer. Although few of our drinkers wear clogs these days, our recipe remains unchanged since 1873. We became the first imported beer to reach the shores of America, marking the end of prohibition. Heineken® now available in 178 countries worldwide and our adventures continue to this day. Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world. We've discovered that when you're open to the world, the world is open to you. That's why our beer is at home everywhere around the globe. With 140 years of history, Heineken® still has the mindset of an explorer.lt feels like we just started. For 140 years we've been bringing people together. Call us the world's oldest social network. We asked you to team up on facebook to design the Heineken® bottle of the future. A design that symbolizes connecting in the future. This is the winning design connection by Lee Dunford and Rodolfo Kusulas.

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