Shareholder Information continued Bondholder information For the first time in the Company's 148 year history, FIEINEKEN was assigned investment grade credit ratings in 2012 by the world's two leading credit agencies, Moody's Investor Service and Standard Poor's. Both long term credit ratings, were solid Baal and BBB+, respectively and both have a 'stable' outlook per the date of this Annual Report. The assignment of the credit ratings has allowed the Company to further diversify its funding base. On 19 March 2012, HEINEKEN issued EUR1.35 billion of Notes under its EMTN Programme comprising EUR850 million of 7-year Notes with a coupon of 2.5 per cent and EUR500 million of 12-year Notes with a coupon of 3.5 percent. On 3 April 2012, HEINEKEN issued USD750 million of 10-year 144A RegS US Notes with a coupon of 3.4 percent On 2 August 2012, HEINEKEN issued EUR1.75 billion of Notes under its EMTN Programme, consisting of 8-year Notes for a principal amount of EUR1 billion with a coupon of 2.125 per cent and 13-year Notes for a principal amount of EUR750 million with a coupon of 2.875 percent. On 3 October 2012, HEINEKEN successfully priced 144A/RegS US Notes for a principal amount of USD3.25 billion. This comprised USD500 million of 3-year Notes at a coupon of 0.8 percent, USD1.25 billion of 5-year Notes at a coupon of 1.4 percent, USD1 billion of 10.5-year Notes at a coupon of 2.75 per cent and USD500 million of 30-year Notes at a coupon of 4.0 per cent. The proceeds of the Notes have been used for various corporate purposes including the financing of the acquisition of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited and the repayment of debt facilities. The issues have enabled HEINEKEN to further improve the currency and maturity profile of its long-term debt. Traded Heineken N.V. NotesIssue dateTotal face valueInterest rateMaturityISIN code EUR Note 2013 November 4,2003 EUR 600 million 5.00% XS0179266753 EUR EMTN 2014 April 6,2009 EUR 1 billion 7.125% April 7,2014 XS0421464719 144 A/RegS 2015 October 10,2012 USD 500 million 0.800% October 1,2015 US423012AC71 GBP EMTN 2015 March 10,2009 GBP 400 million 7.25% March 10,2015 XS0416081296 EUR EMTN 2016 October 8,2009 EUR 400 million 4.625% October 10,2016 XS0456567055 144 A/RegS 2017 October 10,2012 USD 1.25 billion 1.400% October 1,2017 US423012AB98 EUR EMTN 2019 March 19,2012 EUR 850 million 2.500% March 19,2019 XS0758419658 EUR EMTN 2020 August 2,2012 EUR 1 billion 2.125% August 4,2020 XS0811554962 144 A/RegS 2022 April 3,2012 USD 750 million 3.400% April 1,2022 US423012AA16 144 A/RegS 2023 October 10,2012 USD 1 billion 2.750% April 1,2023 US423012AD54 EUR EMTN 2024 March 19,2012 EUR 500 million 3.500% March 19,2024 XS0758420748 EUR EMTN 2025 August 2,2012 EUR 750 million 2.875% August 4,2025 XS0811555183 144 A/RegS 2042 October 10,2012 USD 500 million 4.000% US423012AA16 In September 2008, HEINEKEN established a Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme which was subsequently updated in September 2009, September 2010, March 2012 (and March 2013). The programme allows Heineken N.V. from time to time to issue Notes up to EUR10 billion. Currently approximately EUR5.0 billion of Notes is outstanding under the programme. The EMTN Programme and all Notes issued thereunder are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. HEINEKEN was awarded the Corporate Issuer of the Year 2012 Award by IFR Magazine for successfully issuing over EUR6 billion of bonds in various markets on the back of the credit ratings obtained earlier in the year. 158 Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2012

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