Shareholder Information T T Investor Relations HEINEKEN takes a proactive role in maintaining an open dialogue with shareholders and bondholders, providing accurate and complete information in a timely and consistent way. The Company does this through media releases, the Annual Report, presentations, webcasts, an annual Financial Markets Conference and regular briefings with analysts, fund managers and shareholders. Ownership structure Heading the HEINEKEN Group, Heineken Holding N.V. is no ordinary holding company. Since its formation in 1952, the objective of Heineken Holding N.V., pursuant to its Articles of Association has been to manage and/or supervise the HEINEKEN Group and to provide services for Heineken N.V. The role Heineken Holding N.V. has performed for the HEINEKEN Group since 1952 has been to safeguard its continuity, independence and stability and create conditions for controlled, steady growth of the activities of the HEINEKEN Group. The stability provided by this structure has enabled the HEINEKEN Group to remain independent and to rise to its present position as the brewer with the widest international presence and one of the world's largest brewing groups. Every Heineken N.V. share held by Heineken Holding N.V. is matched by one share issued by Heineken Holding N.V. The net asset value of one Heineken Holding N.V. share is therefore identical to the net asset value of one Heineken N.V. share. The dividend payable on the two shares is identical. Historically, however, Heineken Holding N.V. shares have traded at a lower price due to technical factors that are market-specific. Heineken Holding N.V. holds 50.005 per cent of the Heineken N.V. issued shares. On 31 December 2012, LArche Green N.V. held 51.083 per cent of the Heineken Holding N.V. shares. The Heineken family holds 88.55 per cent of LArche Green N.V. The remaining 11.45 per cent of LArche Green N.V. is held by the Hoyer family. Mrs. de Carvalho-Heineken also owns a direct 0.03 per cent stake in Heineken Holding NV. L'Arche Green N.V. FEMSA 14.935%1 12.532%1 51.083%' 33.982% Heineken Holding N.V. I Board of Directors I I 50.005% 37.463% Heineken N.V. pf Gong ceremony on 11 January 2013 at the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam to mark HEINEKEN Investor Relations winning two awards at the Dutch IR Awards 2013. Supervisory Board Executive Board Regional Management Group Departments Operating Companies December 2012 Legal Entities Public shareholders Management Pursuant to the Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) and the Decree on Disclosure of Major Holdings and Capital Interests in Issuing Institutions (Besluit melding zeggenschap en kapitaalbelang in uitgevende instellingen), the Financial Markets Authority has been notified about the following other substantial shareholdings. 154 Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2012

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