Notes to the consolidated financial statements continued 36. HEINEKEN entities untinued Ownership interest Country of incorporation 2012 Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle - Calédonie S.A. New Calédonia 86.3% 36.6% DB Breweries Ltd. New Zealand 98.7% 41.9% DB South Island Brewery Ltd. New Zealand 54.3% 23.1% South Pacific Brewery Ltd. Papua New Guinea 75.4% 31.8% Asia Pacific Investments Pte. Ltd. Singapore 100% 50% Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. Singapore 98.7% 41.9% Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Singapore 98.7% 41.9% Solomon Breweries Ltd. Solomon Islands 96.4% 40.9% Asia Pacific Breweries (Lanka) Ltd. Sri Lanka 59.2% 25.2% Vietnam Brewery Ltd. Vietnam 59.2% 25.2% Asia Pacific Breweries (Hanoi) Ltd. Vietnam 98.7% 41.9% VBL Da Nang Co. Ltd. Vietnam 59.2% 25.2% VBL Tien Giang Ltd. Vietnam 59.2% 25.2% VBL Quang Nam Ltd Vietnam 47.4% 20.1% 11n accordance with Article 17 of the Republic of Ireland Companies (Amendment) Act 1986, the Company issued an irrevocable guarantee for the year ended 31 December 2012 and 2011 regarding the liabilities of Heineken Ireland Ltd., Heineken Ireland Sales Ltd., West Cork Bottling Ltd., Western Beverages Ltd., Beamish and Crawford Ltd. and Nash Beverages Ltd as referred to in Article 5(l) of the Republic of Ireland Companies (Amendment) Act 1986. 37. Subsequent events Share of stake in Kazakhstan On 21 December 2012 HEINEKEN announced its intentions to sell its 28 per cent stake in Efes Kazakhstan ISC FE to majority shareholders Efes Breweries International N.V. The transaction closed on 8 lanuary 2013 and resulted in an estimated post tax book gain of EUR80 million. Sale of liangsu Dafuhao Breweries Co. Ltd On 9 lanuary 2013 HEINEKEN's Asian subsidiary that holds a 49 per cent stake in liangsu Dafuhao Breweries Co. Ltd entered into a conditional share transfer agreement whereby Nantong Fuhao Alcohol Co. Ltd. will purchase H EINEKEN's shareholding interests for USD24.5 million. The transaction closed on 15 lanuary 2013 when the funds were received in full. Sale of Pago International GmbH On 17 December 2012 HEINEKEN announced the sale of its wholly-owned subsidiary Pago International GmbH to Eckes-Granini Group. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2013. Mandatory unconditional cash offer (Offer for APB shares) On 17 lanuary 2013 HEINEKEN announced that the final closing date of its Offer for all of the issued and paid-up ordinary APB shares other than those already owned or controlled by HEINEKEN is 31 lanuary 2013. On 16 lanuary 2013 the required acceptance level of 90 per cent of the APB shares in the open market was reached. As such. HEINEKEN was entitled to exercise its right of compulsory acquisition of the remaining APB shares. The total cash consideration in relation to the acquisition of the remaining shares after 31 December 2012 amounts to approximately EUR146 million. Strategic review of Hartwall in Finland On 4 February 2013 HEINEKEN announced that it had started a strategic review of its Hartwall business in Finland. During this review. HEINEKEN evaluates strategic options for Hartwall to drive continued growth for the business, within or outside of HEINEKEN. The strategic review is expected to be finalised before the end of the year. Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2012

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