Financial statements I Notes to the consolidated financial statements continued 6. Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries and non-controlling interests Acquisition of the beer operations of Sona Group On 12 lanuary 2011, HEINEKEN announced that it had acquired from Lewiston Investments SA ('Seller') two holding companies which together own the Sona brewery group. The two holding companies had controlling interests in Sona Systems Associates Business Management Limited ('Sona Systems'), which held certain assets of Sona Breweries Pic ('Sona') and International Beer and Beverages (Nigeria) Limited ('IBBI'), Champion Breweries Pic ('Champion'), Benue Brewery Limited ('Benue') and Life Brewery Company Limited ('Life') (together referred to as the'acquired businesses'). Due to the integration of the newly acquired businesses with our existing activities separate financial information on Sona activities is not available anymore. The following summarises the major classes of consideration transferred, and the recognised amounts of assets acquired and liabilities assumed at the acquisition date. In millions of EUR* Property, plant equipment 162 Intangible assets 56 Other investments 1 Inventories 19 Trade and other receivables 2 Cash and cash equivalents 2 Assets acquired 242 In millions of EUR* Employee benefits 6 Provisions 2 Deferred tax liabilities 44 Bank overdraft - Loans and borrowings (current) 76 Tax liabilities (current) 12 Trade and other current liabilities 21 Liabilities assumed 161 Total net identifiable assets 81 Consideration transferred 289 Recognition indemnification receivable (12) Non-controlling interests (1) Net identifiable assets acquired (81) Goodwill on acquisition 195 Amounts were converted into euros at the rate of EUR/NGN192.6782. Additionally, certain amounts provided in US dollar were converted into euros based on the following exchange rate EUR/USD 1.2903. The purchase price accounting for the acquired businesses is prepared on a final basis. The outcome indicates goodwill of EUR195 million. The derived goodwill includes synergies mainly related to the available production capacity. Goodwill has been allocated to Nigeria in the Africa and Middle East region and is held in NGN. The rationale for the allocation is that the acquisition provides access to the Nigerian market: access to additional capacity, consolidate market share within a fast-growing market and improved profitability through synergy. The entire amount of goodwill is not expected to be tax deductible. 96 Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2011

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