Report of the Executive Board I Risk Management continued Risk description Information security Loss of confidential information and disruption of processes due Strengthened the Company's to unavailability of IT systems. information security policy Specific risks are: Implementation and testing Failure of IT systems of redundancy measures with Disruption of processes outsourced to shared service centres. our outsourcing partners Implementation of measures to secure confidentiality and integrity of data. Business improvement Risk that benefits of strategic transformation programmes will not be Strengthened the selection and transformation realised, that we face significant cost overruns and that the quality of and prioritisation of business the deliverables is less than required. improvement projects Specific risks: Involvement of top Estimated benefits too ambitious management in all Ineffective or inefficient programme execution. selected projects Monitoring of project costs and benefits Improved project governance organisation including project management organisations There may be current risks that do not have a significant impact on the business but which could - at a later stage - develop a material impact on the Company's business. The Company's risk management systems are focused on timely discovery of such risks. 38 Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2011

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