99 Ownership Counti20102009 75.0% Nizam Breweries Pvt. Ltd Singapore 50.0% 50.0% Associates 25.0% 28.0% Heineken has joint control as the contract and ownership details determine that for certain main operating and financial decisions unanimous approval is required. As a result these investments are not consolidated. Reporting date The reporting date of the financial statements of all Heineken entities and joint ventures disclosed are the same as for the Company except for (I) Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd., Heineken Lion Australia Pty. and Asia Pacific Investment Pte. Ltd which have a 30 September reporting date (the APB results are included with a three-month delay in reporting), (ii) DHN Drinks (Pty) Ltd. which has a 30 June reporting date, and (iii) United Breweries Limited and Millenium Alcobev Private Limited which have a 31 March reporting date. The results of (ii) and (iii) have been adjusted to include numbers for the full financial year ended 31 December 2010. Shareholdings India On 10 February 2010, Heineken acquired APB's existing Indian investments: Asia Pacific Breweries Aurangabad Pte Ltd ('APB Aurangabad'), currently named UB Ajanta Breweries, and Asia Pacific Breweries-Pearl Pte Ltd ('APB Pearl'), currently named UB Nizam Breweries. The total acquisition price for 100 per cent of the shares amounted to EUR27 million. We deemed these acquisitions individually to be immaterial in respect of IFRS disclosure requirements. If the acquisitions had occurred on 1 January 2010, management estimates that consolidated results from operating activities and consolidated revenue would not have been materially different. On 27 October 2010 Heineken sold 50 per cent of its share in these acquired entities to our joint venture partner VJM Group. are of profit of associates and joint ventures and impairments thereof 2010 icome associates 28 come joint ventures 165 120 nairments - 193 127 2010 no impairments were recognised in respect of associates and JVs (2009: EUR nil), mmary financial information for equity accounted joint ventures Joint ventures 2010 Joint ventures on-current assets 1,696 1,375 urrent assets 869 681 on-current liabilities (611) (430) irrent liabilities (684) (631) 1,270 995 tvenue 2,108 1,540 oenses (1,887) (1,377) 221 163 cineken N.V. Annual Report 2010

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