Asia PacifiS Report of the Executive Board Regional Review €206 million €280 million €122 million 1.3 million hectolitres 0.9 per cent 5.4 million hectolitres Group beer volume in Asia Pacific grew on an organic basis, supported by robust economic growth. The total change in Group beer volume reflects the first-time inclusion of United Breweries Limited (UBL) in India. The total change in consolidated beer volume and operating profit margin is the result of the transfer of Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI) and Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle-Caledonie (GBNC) from Heineken to Asia Pacific Breweries (APB), Heineken's joint venture with Fraser and Neave in the region. Revenue EBIT EBIT (beia) Consolidated beer volume Consolidated beer volume as of Group Heineken volume in premium segment On an organic basis, EBIT (beia) increased 44 per cent, reflecting higher volumes, increased pricing and lower input costs. The Heineken brand continued to grow across the region, reaching a significant milestone with more than 5 million hectolitres sold. This growth was driven by strong performances in Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Volume growth of the Tiger brand was driven by increased exports and introduction of the Tiger Crystal' cold filtered lager variant. APB reported double-digit growth in EBIT (beia). In Vietnam, a supportive economic environment, successful marketing and excise duty reduction all contributed to a strong volume performance. Volumes of the Heineken, Larue and Tiger brands all grew significantly. Volume in Thailand was lower following political unrest causing a reduction in tourism. Indonesia reported a higher profit despite volume being impacted by an increase in excise luty. In China, the Heineken brand achieved strong growth, whilst the new brewery in Guangzhou commenced production in December. Exports to South Korea and Taiwan continued to grow significantly, driven by the Heineken brand. Heineken operates in the beer market in India through its joint venture UBL, the leading beer company in the country with a market share of more than 50 per cent. The net profit contribution of UBL to the Group's EBIT (beia) amounted to EUR9 million, reflecting solid volume growth and a better sales mix. UBL plans to launch locally produced Heineken® in the middle of 2011.

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