14 Report of the Executive Board Operational Review The first competencies courses will begin in the second quarter of 2011, at the Global Commerce University (GCU), the centre for commercial learning activities at Heineken. The GCU will deliver learning in two ways: Acting as the global hub for online digital learning, for commercial employees. This digital learning will be aligned with personal learning profiles. Acting as the global learning centre based in Amsterdam, for in-house learning using cutting- edge technology, and teaching techniques. Sustainability: Brewing a Better Future We have been successful in our sustainability agenda over many years and understand the importance of creating value that is lasting and which goes beyond the bottom line. In April 2010 we increased our commitment and changed our thinking with the announcement of our ten-year sustainability agenda 'Brewing a Better Future'. This new approach laid out a series of commitments, plans and targets and was launched in Amsterdam byJean-Frangois van Boxmeer via a multi-stakeholder symposium on sustainable development. We believe our new approach strikes the right balance between environmental, financial and social sustainability and makes positive long-term commitments to investment in the environment, communities, people and partnerships. The approach is built around three clearly defined strategic imperatives: i. Continuously improve the environmental impact of our brands and business ii. Empower our people and the communities in which we operate iii. Positively impact the role of beer in society. We have created 23 programmes that - over the coming ten years - will bring these imperatives and the words 'Brewing a Better Future' to life. More information on the programmes and our objectives for the coming years can be found in our Sustainability Report or on www.heinekeninternational.com/sustainability.com. Embedding in markets It will be action not words that will drive success and enable the agenda to be embedded into business processes and within the DNA of the Company. That's why, as a first step in 2010, in each market where we have majority ownership or control, we created a sustainability committee responsible for advancing the agenda. Each market has developed an action-based three-year plan consistent with the framework of 'Brewing a Better Future', and the subject of sustainable development has been identified as a management team agenda item in all these businesses. It is also transparency that will be the hallmark of our approach. In 2010, we asked 21 of our markets to publish their own sustainability reports as a basis for discussion with local stakeholders. All available reports can be downloaded via our heinekeninternational.com website. By 2015, all 54 markets within the scope of 'Brewing a Better Future' will produce and publish a sustainability report.

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