13 Innovation Profitable, consumer-focused innovation across the Heineken® brand, global brands and our wider portfolio continues to be an essential part of driving consumer preference and ultimately volume and value growth. To support the development of new and stronger innovation concepts, we introduced a global approach together with cross-regional and cross-functional teams. Integrated and faster development of roll-outs, combined with a stronger execution, will lead to a growth in innovation. Our objective is an increase in our innovation rate of 3 per cent today to 6 per cent by 2020. The roll-out and leverage of existing innovations will continue: Heineken Extra Cold®, DraughtKeg®, BeerTender® and David®. Heineken Extra Cold is now available in 116 countries with 85,000 systems. We added three new brands for DraughtKeg, bringing the total now available to 11 with an overall volume of nearly 600,000 hectolitres. BeerTender, now in 12 markets, remains a strong driver for the full draught experience at home. The roll-out of the convenient and high-quality David proposition, for smaller on-trade outlets, continued. David is now being used in 60 countries with more than 65,000 systems. Focus on consumers and portfolios In order to support our Operating Companies in delivering top-line growth, we have successfully run and completed extensive portfolio reviews via a more standardised approach. This 'Building Winning Portfolio' process provides a clear competitive advantage. We focused on strong portfolio strategies for the newly acquired businesses in Mexico and Brazil and completed portfolio reviews in Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Taiwan and New Zealand. We also carried out consumer segmentation projects to enhance the positioning for our key brands in the Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The knowledge developed in the area of portfolio management will become an integral part of the marketing capabilities training programme so that this competence can be transferred to operating companies across the world. Capability building The Heineken Company has the ambition to generate greater value and drive growth from our brands' assets. In combination with new market realities in recent years, this has lead to the creation of the Marketing Capability and the Sales Capability departments within Global Commerce. These will allow us to embed more rigorous, standardised and professional tools and processes in the fields of brand, portfolio, channel and customer management. The need for this was also identified by the Functional Competencies programme. This will create and embed a common, consumer- and brand-oriented, world-class approach to Marketing and Sales management at Heineken, based on best practices. Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2010

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