Report of the Executive Board Operational Review tinued Some key initiatives that underpin the unique position of the Heineken brand: Heineken's new iconic glass bottle, completed the redesign of its global brand packaging range. The restyling aims to streamline and make even more consistent the visual identity of the brand and drive recognition in all 170 markets where Heineken® can be enjoyed. The new bottle will come in five different sizes and will be available in Western Europe at the beginning of 2011 and across the rest of the world by 2012. The new innovative aluminium packaging features a surprising 'glow in the dark' effect only seen in ultraviolet light. This new packaging is dedicated to top-end outlets and was launched in Shanghai, one of the world's most innovative cities. 2010 was the fifth season of the Heineken® - UEFA Champions League partnership, featuring a strong campaign and activating a magical Final in Madrid. The digital plan is a key component of Heineken® brand communication and investment in this form of communication has been significantly increased. The global Heineken brand website has been developed, including rolling out an international music promotional activity and an innovative 'Design your own Heineken' module. The Heineken® brand Facebook Social Media page was launched, actively conversing with our worldly adult consumers: 1,000,000 fans have already joined our page! Heineken® has started the new decade with renewed passion for quality and for progress! Developing global brands Heineken views cider as the 'next frontier' to beer and we have identified a clear strategy for this purpose. The first lead markets have been identified for a new Strongbow Gold® proposition, which will be launched in 2011. The marketing mix has been optimised and supply chain prepared in order to enable successful brand launches in those markets. We have also started expanding Desperados®, building on a solid and proven business model. We will reinforce the Desperados brand team to support targeted launches and accelerate growth in existing markets. Last but not least, we have identified attractive opportunities in the 'Fun&Cool' segment and have been validating this through existing brand strategies. Where necessary, new strategies will leverage opportunities and specific brand launches have been planned across the world.

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