^Operational Review 1 Heineken has embarked on an ambitious programme with the aim to move the Company to being even more consumer centred and brand led. This will lead to reinvigorated top-line growth (organic revenue growth), which will lead to sustainable profit growth. With a renewed commercial organisation, the Company wants to fulfil its ambition to put the consumer at the centre of our activities and decision-making processes, whilst driving global scale. 10 11 Report of the Executive Board Heineken continues to focus on its premium brands and the Heineken® brand in particular, as a competitive advantage. Time and again, the Heineken® brand has outperformed the economic downturn. Based on this experience, more brands beyond Heineken® and Amstel®, e.g. Strongbow® and Desperados®, will be managed globally to ensure consistency and economy of scale. In terms of infrastructure and capability, Heineken will improve its ability to generate actionable consumer insights and will further innovate across the portfolio. Last, but certainly not least, developing skills in brand building and sales, as well as developing people, remain the backbone of the Company's commitment to be consumer centred and brand-led. The Heineken brand In 2010, the Heineken® brand demonstrated the strength and value of its leadership position within the international premium segment (IPS). It showed IPS market share development from 20.2 per cent to 20.7 per cent and the brand continues to outperform the rest of the Heineken portfolio in both volume and profit growth. This performance in a challenging economic environment highlights the appeal of our premium brand and its ability to permanently combine timeless quality and progressiveness as ways to engage with consumers. The brand's new 'Man of the World' positioning, which was launched at the end of 2010, is unique and underpins this. Heineken volume by region In millions of hectolitres Western Europe* Central and Eastern Europe 2.3 Americas 8.2 Africa and Middle East 2.7 Asia Pacific 5.4 Total 26.0 In premium segment. 28.5% 9.0% 31.5% 10.3% 20.7% 100% Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2010

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