130 Financial statements Notes to the consolidated financial statements 35. Related parties Other related party transactions In millions of EUR 2010 Transaction value 2009 2010 Balance outstanding as at 31 Decembe' 2009 Sale of products and services To associates and joint ventures 18 142 12 12 To FEMSA 244 78 262 142 90 12 57 1 12- 69 101 1 1 Heineken Holding N.V. In 2010, an amount of EUR7.4 million (2009: EUR712.129) was paid to Heineken Holding N.V. for management services for the Heineken Group, the increase in comparison to 2009 was caused by the acquisition of FEMSA and related services performed by Heineken Holding N.V.. This payment is based on an agreement of 1977 as amended in 2001, providing that Heineken N.V. reimburses Heineken Holding N.V. for its costs. Best practice provision 111.6.4 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code of 10 December 2008 has been observed in this regard. FEMSA As consideration for Heineken's acquisition of the beer operations of Fomento Economico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (FEMSA). FEMSA, became a major shareholder of Heineken N.V. Therefore, several existing contracts between FEMSA and former FEMSA-owned companies acquired by Heineken have become related-party contracts. The total revenue amount related to these related-party relationships amounts to EUR244 million. APB On 10 February 2010 and 13 April 2010, Heineken transferred its stakes in PT Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI) and Grande Brasserie de Nouvelle-Caledonie S.A. (GBNC) to its joint venture Asia Pacific Breweries (APB). The total consideration was EUR265 million. Additionally, on 10 February 2010, Heineken acquired from APB, APB Aurangabad and APB Pearl of which 50 per cent of each entity was subsequently sold to the UBL joint venture partner VJM Group. 36. Heineken entities Control of Heineken The shares and options of the Company are traded on Euronext Amsterdam, where the Company is included in the main AEX index Heineken Holding N.V. Amsterdam has an interest of 50.005 per cent in the issued capital of the Company. The financial statements of the Company are included in the consolidated financial statements of Heineken Holding N.V. A declaration of joint and several liability pursuant to the provisions of Section 403, Part 9, Book 2, of the Dutch Civil Code has been issued with respect to legal entities established in the Netherlands marked with a opposite. Raw materials, consumables and services Goods for resale - joint ventures Other expenses - joint ventures Other expenses FEMSA

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