7. Assets (or disposal groups) classified as held for sale 103 Provisional accounting Scottish Newcastle ('S&N') acquisition in 2008 In the consolidated financial statements as at and for the year ended 2008, the fair values of assets and liabilities of the acquisition of Scottish Newcastle ('S&N') were determined on a provisional basis. The purchase price adjustments of S&N have been finalised (except for agreement on the settlement of the net debt of S&N with the consortium partner Carlsberg, see note 34 Contingencies) with some changes compared to the provisional values. The main change concerns an increase in the deferred tax assets of EUR 103 million and an increase of the deferred tax liabilities of EUR24 million, with a corresponding net decrease in goodwill of EUR 79 million due to the fact that S&N received certainty that part of the pre-acquisition losses will be available for utilisation in the future, which can be offset against deferred tax liabilities already included in the opening balance. The comparatives in the statement of financial position and the related notes (note 15 and 18) have been adjusted in accordance with 1FRS 3. Provisional accounting other acquisitions in 2008 For the other acquisitions in 2008 (Rechitsapivo, Drinks Union, Central Europe Beverages, United Serbian Breweries, Bere Mures, Sierra Leone, Tango and SNBG), the purchase price adjustments have been finalised without significant changes. On 7 December 2009 Heineken signed agreements to sell its entire shareholding in Grande Brasserie de ouvelle Calédonie S.A. (GBNC) and a significant part of its shareholding in P.T. Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk (MB1) 1 1 Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd (APB) as part of Heineken's strategic realignment of its interest in the Asia Pacific gion. Heineken's interest in the Bintang brand will also be transferred to APB. The transaction was completed ri 10 February 2010. These subsidiaries have been deconsolidated and are classified as a disposal group held i >r sale as at 31 December 2009. ther assets classified as held for sale represent land and buildings following the commitment of Heineken a plan to sell certain land and buildings. During 2009, part of the assets classified as held for sale were sold, forts to sell the remaining assets have commenced and are expected to be completed during 2010. ssets classified as held for sale millions of EUR 2009 2008 jrrent assets 39 56 on-current assets 70 109 56 millions of EUR 2009 irrent liabilities 57 jn-current liabilities 8 65 Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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