Financial Review Results from operating activities General overview evenue and expenses 49 Report of the Executive Board In millions of EUR20092008 Revenue 14,701 14,319 Other income 41 32 Raw materials, consumables and services 9,650 9,548 Personnel expenses 2,379 2,415 Amortisation, depreciation and impairments 1,083 1,206 Total expenses 13,112 13,169 Results from operating activities 1,630 1,182 Share of profit of associates, joint ventures and impairments thereof 127 (102) EBIT 1,757 1,080 Heineken realised an organic net profit growth of 18 per cent in 2009, driven by higher revenue per hectolitres and cost reduction. The consolidated beer volume has decreased due to the global economic downturn. Revenue increased by 2.7 per cent from EUR 14.3 billion to EUR 14.7 billion and decreased organically by 12 per cent. Consolidated beer volume was 0.5 per cent lower at 125.2 million hectolitres in 2009, despite the I mtribution of first-time consolidations in 2008 (mainly Scottish Newcastle, Beamish Crawford and Eichhof averages). Organically, consolidated beer volume was 5.4 per cent lower due to the economic environment nd excise duty increases. Heineken volume in the premium segment decreased by 0.8 million hectolitre to 3.1 million hectolitres in 2009 (a decrease of 3.1 per cent of which 2.9 per cent organically). leineken was able to pass on increased input price increases and higher excise duties. These have partly ompensated for the volume decline. As a consequence, revenues have decreased organically by 0.2 per cent, he average gross profit per hectolitre increased as well as the average gross profit margin. Devaluations of the igerian naira, the Russian rouble and the Polish zloty had a negative impact on revenue. her income increased from EUR32 million in 2008 to EUR41 million in 2009 mainly as a result of increased fins on the sale of property, plant and equipment. >tal cost management (TCM), Heineken's company-wide cost reduction programme for the period 2009-2011, fiivered mainly savings in fixed cost spending. Several restructuring programmes and brewery closures were unched and realised. An amount of EUR 140 million is included as part of depreciation and impairments for ipairment of pubs and brewery closures in the UK, Russia, Finland, Spain and France. Other expenses were creased by EUR36 million. In 2009, exceptional restructuring charges as part of personnel expenses related TCM amounted to EUR 63 million before tax. >sts of raw materials and packaging decreased 4.4 per cent, of which 3.2 per cent was organically, due to lower lumes and lower purchasing prices for barley towards the end of 2009. Overall, the average input costs per ctolitre have shown a slight decrease. arketing and selling expenses decreased organically by 3.7 per cent to 11.3 per cent of revenue in 2009 from 1.7 per cent in 2008. rsonnel expenses were 1.0 per cent lower organically and the effect of first-time consolidations was offset by reduction of headcount driven by efficiency improvements, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and lower structuring costs. The devaluation of the Russian rouble and the Polish zloty also contributed to the ost reduction. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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