FE MSA Cerveza and the Mexican market local market. www.annualreport.heineken.com expand beer segmentation, develop the premium segment and strengthen Heineken's position in the profitable import and growing Hispanic sector in the USA. In addition, Heineken is one of three players competing with a number one in the highly growing and profitable Brazilian beer market, which also offers huge potential for the development of the premium segment. "This is a significant development that will transform our future in the Americas and is a natural progression to the strong association we have enjoyed with FEMSA," says Jean-Frangois van Boxmeer. "Latin America is one of the world's most profitable and fastest-growing beer markets and the acquisition of FEMSA's beer operations strengthens our position within the global beer market and expands our portfolio of leading international brands." Through the acquisition, Heineken expects to achieve important costs synergies and savings through operating best practices. Heineken announced the acquisition of 100 per cent of FEMSA's beer operations in January 2010, planning to create a major new platform for growth and international expansion. Following completion of the transaction, the acquisition will strengthen Heineken's position in three of the top four largest beer profit pools. With a strong portfolio of brands such as Dos Equis, Tecate and Sol, Heineken will attain an foothold in the Brazilian market through the acquisition of the remaining 83 per cent of FEMSA's Brazilian business, which currently holds an g per cent share of the Mexico's attractive beer market offers a unique opportunity to hechoen With a rising population, Mexico is one of the world's largest beer profit pools and is home to some large beer brands, its second largest brewer is part of FEMSA Cerveza, which in addition to its 42 per cent share of the local market, has an established position in Brazil and a strong export business to the USA and other markets globally. #hKXIC0 ;Ê«iNA80TTled BV: 'l^CUAUHTEMOC MONTERE.""- 1 -UMA, S.A. DE C.V. MEXICO Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V ZglSV "- 0- ■5 3'? - «SB

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