Zlaty Bazant, the world-class Slovak beer I Greece Consolidated beer volume: 3.2 million hectolitres Market share: 71.9% Market position: 1 The Greek beer market was driven 6 per cent lower due to the financial crisis, a 20 per cent increase in excise duty in February, lower tourist numbers, inventories reduction by wholesalers and less favourable summer weather compared with 2008. Market share of Athenian Breweries decreased as microbrewers and private label beer grew market share. Amstel declined substantially, but the Heineken, Fischer and Alfa brands outperformed the market. The Heineken brand benefited from a new marketing campaign. Revenue and EBIT were lower, as a 2 per cent net price increase was not sufficient to offset the effect of lower volume. Czech Republic Consolidated beer volume: 2.6 million hectolitres Market share: 12.4% Market position: 3 The beer market in the Czech Republic was 6 per cent lower, affected by the economic environment and a significant increase in excise duties. Heineken increased its market share to 12.4 per cent. Significant steps were taken to further rationalise the production footprint with the closure of two breweries in 2009. In 2010 the closure of the brewery in Louny was announced. Germany Volume of Brau Holding International (BH1), Heineken's joint venture with the Schoerghuber Unternehmungsgruppe in Germany, was lower, mainly due to the divestment of Karlsberg in 2009. However, market share of the underlying business increased slightly. Excluding the impact of one-off items (mainly of the Karlsberg impairment in 2008), BHI net profit increased. Founded in 1969, Zlaty Bazant is one of Slovakia's leading domestic brands and its best-selling export beer, with important markets in Canada, the Unites States and most recently, Sweden, among others. Heineken Slovakia's most famous beer, Zlaty Bazant, underwent an extensive rebranding in 2009 to strengthen its position as a modern premium beer brand that reflects quality and global success. As part of these efforts, Zlaty Bazant's distinctive label design was redesigned and an ambitious advertising and sponsorship campaign was rolled out. This included a television commercial to introduce the brand's new slogan: 'Zlaty Bazant, the world- class Slovak beer'. Domestically, the focus of the rebrand was to instil national pride in a home grown beer that is internationally acclaimed. The overall success of the campaign was reflected in significant increases in the brand's market performance score, which at the end of 2009 had reached a high of 90 per cent, the highest level in all Central Eastern European countries in which Heineken operates within the national premium segment. Brand recognition has also increased through Zlaty Bazant's sponsorship of Slovakia's international Olympic team during the February 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. This sponsorship will also extend to the Slovak squad that competes in the London Summer Olympics in 2012. "We're delighted with how successfully we've been able to communicate the rebranding message," says Zuzana Putalova, Group Brand Manager at Heineken Slovakia. "Slovaks are surrounded with things from countries all over the world in their everyday lives, so they appreciate something that has world-class quality and character, but is overwhelmingly Slovakian, like Zlaty Bazant." For the third consecutive year, Zlaty Bazant also brewed a special beer for the Christmas period. In 2009, it was Zlaty Bazant Porter, a 19° beer with a dark appearance and a strong, malty taste and aroma. It was brewed according to traditional recipes from four kinds of malt and selected hops. As a seasonal specialty, it was extremely popular in the local market, attracting a great deal of public attention and becoming the subject of much discussion on internet beer forums. By introducing limited editions of beer specialties on a regular basis, Zlaty Bazant has confirmed its national leadership position. www.annualreport.heineken.com Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. 31

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