Heineke: AMSTEL Tasting beerMBMH involves all **$8®! five senses Beer should be enjoyed with all five senses, opening up a wide variety of flavours. Every style of beer has its own balance of characteristics. Appearance, aroma, taste, after-taste and finish all determine a great beer drinking experience. Contents Overview 1 Key figures 2 The quick read 4 Milestones 2009 Report of the Executive Board 6 Chief Executive's Statement 9 Outlook 10 Executive Committee 12 Operational Review 20 Regional Review 22 Western Europe 28 Central and Eastern Europe 32 Africa and the Middle East 36 Americas 40 Asia Pacific 44 Risk Management and Control System 49 Financial Review 54 Corporate Governance Statement Report of the Supervisory Board 62 To the Shareholders 65 Remuneration Report Financial statements 71 Consolidated Income Statement 72 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 73 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 74 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 76 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 77 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 148 Heineken N.V. Balance Sheet 149 Heineken N.V. Income Statement 150 Notes to the Heineken N.V. Financial Statements Other information 156 Statement of the Executive Board 157 Appropriation of Profit 158 Auditor's Report 160 Shareholder Information 164 Countries and Brands 172 Historical Summary 174 Glossary 176 Reference Information Did you know: Jf ■■HHV - amstei

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