Heineke Switzerland Belgium Consolidated beer volume: i.i million hectolitres Market share: 24.7% Market position: 2 Consolidated beer volume: 1.0 million hectolitres Market share: 11.3% Market position: 2 The beer market was stable whilst the off-trade segment grew 2.5 per cent. Heineken Switzerland's revenue decreased organically as a result of lower volume ((4.4) per cent). The Heineken brand grew its market share in the premium segment, which declined double-digit. The beer market remained under pressure with volume in the on-trade declining in excess of 6 per cent. Alken-Maes breweries increased market share. The key Maes brand was re-launched EBIT grew significantly thanks to cost efficiencies and the better product mix. Heineken Switzerland completed the integration of Eichhof Beverages, acquired in August 2008. leading to positive consumer reactions and a reversal of its long decline. Underlying EBIT was broadly stable as the favourable effect of cost control and price increases offset lower volumes and the additional marketing efforts. I I 1 CERVE) A Annual Report 2009 «Heineken N.V.

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