Introduction of cider in the Netherlands rRONGBOW GOLD 1% V jjle', - pure spv. HV ofna1 fjrk Cider Blend \cy i f BEST SERVE OVER'ICE Cider is readily available and extremely popular across Western Europe, most notably in the UK, where around 600 million litres are produced each year. Other important European markets can be found in parts of Spain, France and Germany. However, until recently, cider has not been widely available in the Netherlands, and was only rarely present in bars and shops. Following extensive research, Heineken identified a gap in the Dutch market to meet demand from a growing number of non and light users of beer who are looking for an alternative to beer, with many of the same positive traits. In early 2009, Heineken launched two cider beverages in the Netherlands; Strongbow Gold, the full-flavoured traditional English apple cider brand, and a new brand called Jillz. Jillz is a refreshingly sparkling cider that plays on a strong, clear identity. Jillz is aimed specifically at young women between the ages of 18 and 35 years; a market that is expected grow by around 7 per cent each year. Strongbow Gold is performing well alongside Jillz, helping to build consumer knowledge and the social acceptance of cider in the Netherlands. Both Jillz and Strongbow were backed by widespread advertising campaigns aimed at presenting cider as a refreshing and natural alternative to beer and wine. These campaigns have proven very successful at raising awareness for this new category as well as the new brands. Both on- and off-trade customers have responded positively. First year performance has met Heineken's ambitious expectations and plans are in place to drive further growth of this category in 2010 and beyond. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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