Western Europe €8,432 million 47.1 million hectolitres 75 million hectolitres €502 million €792 million Revenue EBIT EBIT (beia) Consolidated beer volume Heineken volume in premium segment CONSOLIDATED BEER VOLUME LAGER Yeast is the brewer's most jealously guarded secret Report of the Executive Board Regional Review IN MILLIONS OF HECTOLITRES 2005 31.9 2006 32.1 2007 31.9 2008 44.3 2009 47.1 Western Europe posted a solid financial performance despite challenging market conditions. Growing revenues per hectolitre, TCM savings and the improvement of the former Scottish Newcastle operations drove the EBIT (beia) growth. Consolidated beer volume grew 6.6 per cent, due to the first-time consolidation effect of the new operations in the UK, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland. Organically, consolidated beer volume was 5.0 per cent lower. The effect of the recession and the increase in excise duties on volumes outweighed the effect of good summer weather in a number of markets. In France, consolidated beer volume increased. Volume of the Heineken brand in the premium segment was 2.1 per cent lower. The growth recorded in France and Portugal could not compensate for market softness in Spain, Italy and Ireland. Organically, revenue was broadly stable despite the lower volumes, especially in the on-trade segment. On average, mid-single-digit price increases and an improvement in the sales mix played a key role. Reported revenue was 10 per cent higher. EBIT (beia) was impacted by the negative effect of first-time consolidations and currency depreciation. Organically, EBIT (beia) benefited from more efficient marketing spend and personnel costs and an improved sales mix. The EUR 184 million synergies forecast for all of Scottish Newcastle have now been realised in full. Western Europe represented 38 per cent of the Group's consolidated EBIT (beia). 22 Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. Did you know: Yeast is a microscopic, single-celled fungus and has the unique capacity to convert the sugars in malted barley into alcohol and carbon dioxide. That's fermentation. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. 23

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