19 The professional development of our people remains a top priority. With more than 60 Operating Companies around the world, we have the capability to develop leaders by exposing them to a wide variety of businesses, with ever-increasing responsibility. We allow them to take prudent risks as they enhance their own leadership and business capabilities. Our focus on leadership development ensures smooth succession through our most senior management levels. We have begun to establish Heineken's Development philosophy and framework. This includes the development of functional competency frameworks to identify essential functional skills, knowledge and behaviours required for effective performance and development of all employees. We are introducing resource guides to support the development of functional and leadership skills, necessary to adapt to the changing internal and external environment. Our talent identification and development processes are being assessed and improved. This is being done, in order to ensure we identify a diverse group of talented individuals early in their careers and provide relevant, focused development opportunities for them. It is clear that the leadership and talent development programmes in place are beginning to bear fruit. In 2009, we were able to identify more emerging professional and leadership talents than in previous years. Through the use of our climate surveys and climate reporting tools, we are seeing progress on the identification and action plans required to address the various climate needs in each of our businesses. This will be work that will be further enhanced in 2010. Since our business continues to grow through organic means and through acquisitions, we are continuously examining, aligning and optimizing the organisation structure and workflow to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. This is work that will continue actively in 2010. In 2009, the average number of employees decreased from 58,453 to 55,301. Geographic distribution of personnel In numbers Western Europe Head Office Central and Eastern Europe Americas Africa and the Middle East Asia Pacific In the Netherlands 3,938 '^CQUES Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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