m f Sustainability: an established philosophy for a new decade >Jh ?V We have always believed that maintaining a long-term perspective across all aspects of our Company is crucial for success and we have tried to make that an integral part of doing business. To renew our commitment to this long-held philosophy, in January 2009, our CSR Advisory Board considered and approved a proposal to undertake a complete review of our sustainability and responsibility agenda with the idea of building a stronger, longer-term approach for the next years. In addition to the implementation of our existing sustainability programmes, much of 2009 was spent in dialogue with stakeholders both internal and external on this major undertaking. Six work streams and more than 200 people were involved. The targets and action plans are contained in our 2009 Sustainability Report. During 2009, we accelerated our support for and investment in important global initiatives. In March, Jean-Frangois van Boxmeer became a signatory to the UN CEO Water Mandate, reconfirming water management as a core pillar in Heineken's approach to sustainability. The CEO Water Mandate provides us with an excellent platform to share and learn best practice from others. In September, Heineken, along with other key industry players informed the World Health Organisation it would co- fund a three-year international action programme to combat drinking and driving, to establish effective self-regulation and to research the impact of illicit, non-commercial alcohol in developing markets in different regions. This major commitment is being co-ordinated and run jointly by the Global Alcohol Producers Group (GAPG) and the International Centre for Alcohol Policy (ICAP). The Heineken brand also continues to spearhead our actions on responsible consumption. Our fully integrated 'Enjoy Heineken Responsibly' platform is now in its fifth year. We apply the same approach to continual investment and improvement to this aspect of the brand as we do to every other. We have maintained our levels of responsibility messaging both on brand packaging and commercial communication globally. At the end of the year we extended and improved our Know the Signs campaign through the introduction of situation and issues-based vignettes on YouTube which make the message very 'real' for viewers. We also added additional characters on the 'Know the Signs' website and made interactivity easier for better and quicker consumer understanding. We again dedicated the most prominent 30 per cent of our pitch-side advertising at all UEFA Champions League matches to responsibility messaging. This is in addition to the responsibility broadcast messaging and the hospitality branding around the venues. KnowTheSigns WHEN PEOPLE DRINK ONE TOO MANY, THEY START SHOWING THE SIGNS OF EMBARRASSING CHARACTERS. CAN YOU SPOT THEM IN THIS BAR? CLICK WHERE YOU SEE A SIGN. -A. Heineken' i If* For more information regarding our policies and objectives, please see our 2009 Sustainability Report that will be published in April 2010. This report will also be available on our website heinekeninternational.com It is the local actions and investments that also mark our positive progress and 2009 saw a significant increase in these. We now have 30 market partnerships relating to responsible consumption, our Goss Brewery in Austria is working towards C02 neutrality, our Greek and Russian businesses undertook major initiatives to clean areas of outstanding beauty, our French business introduced a major new sustainability strategy. And in order to emphasise the importance of local action and to show our commitment to transparency, we will be asking our 20 leading markets to publish their own Sustainability Reports for 2009. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. 17

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