Operational Review (continued) Cider 16 Report of the Executive Board Following our acquisition of Scottish Newcastle, Heineken is the world's biggest cider maker. Once again, the cider market in the UK was strong compared with the overall beer market. It is not only the UK though where cider can play a role in our portfolio and add to our growth. We are clear on the opportunity that exists for us to develop cider either at a brand or category level in selected markets around our business. We have begun to implement the plan behind this thinking and in 2009 launched Strongbow in the Netherlands and will introduce it in the USA and Canada. To support this, we have established some fundamental principles around the long-term growth of our premium beers at both regional and domestic levels. In parallel, we have maintained our speed and focus on reviewing the portfolio strategies and offerings in our key markets. We completed extensive portfolio reviews in Russia and the UK and have already begun to implement the recommendations of these in terms of positioning, stock-keeping unit rationalisation, pricing and marketing investment levels. In addition, our portfolio specialists collaborated with our local consumer marketing experts in Belgium, Nigeria, Poland and the Netherlands in order to address specific brand or portfolio issues. Each portfolio review or intervention is carefully logged so as to provide learning and insight for future and similar situations. We have now completed a review 'history' of the last five years in order to support future, faster and more locally driven reviews. As part of the overall discussions relating to our portfolio, we have defined an approach on the Amstel brand in order to accelerate the continuing improvement in the brand equity of Amstel in its key markets. The same team also made significant steps in clarifying the role of the Amstel brand in the Heineken premium portfolio and strategic direction of its key sub-brands: Beer, Lager, Pulse and Light. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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