The Heineken brand HeinekeSj 2009 clearly demonstrated that in times of economic pressure, strong brands are one of the most important pillars in enabling a consumer goods business to weather the storm. For Heineken, 2009 has again proved there is no substitute for long-term, consumer-focused investment in brand health. It is clearly the right strategy and has helped to differentiate us from our competitors and deal with the major challenges with which we have been faced during the year. Consumers rightly value beer brands that are relevant, provide unique experiences and are brewed with passion and quality. They will only accept paying more for brands that continually deliver on all these levels. Once again, the Heineken brand was the outstanding example of this philosophy. As the jewel in our world-leading portfolio of brands, we invested significantly as we have always done; outperforming the rest of portfolio. This helped us reach 25.1 million hectolitres in the premium segment of the global beer market and 125.2 million hectolitres overall, including the Netherlands. When a brand has the global footprint and awareness that Heineken does, it is a challenge to drive growth. However, as we said we would, we have now used the distribution platform provided by the former Scottish and Newcastle businesses acquired in 2008 for a platform for growth for the Heineken brand. 12 Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. Heineken volume by region In millions of hectolitres Whilst Heineken beer itself remains true to its traditional, natural recipe, we ensure that we continuously adapt all other aspects of the brand to ensure it remains relevant and contemporary. That's why at the beginning of 2009 we launched a new visual identity across the range of packaging and merchandising. This is being rolled out across all of our markets and brand formats and platforms. Alongside this new identity, we also developed a new 'brand idea' for Heineken - the central thought that drives all communication planning and execution. To support the implementation of the brand idea, we have created a new visual communication style, which better reflects both the brand identity and idea. As we move into 2010, we will be developing new television and print advertising that will communicate the brand idea to the consumer. Western Europe* 7.5 29.9% Central and Eastern Europe 2.5 9.9% Americas 8.3 33.1% Africa and Middle East 2.3 9.2% Asia Pacific 4.5 17.9% Total 25.1 100% in premium segment Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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