Appropriation of profit Appropriation of profit Civil code Authorised capital 157 Article 12, paragraph 7, of the Articles of Association stipulates: "Of the profits, payment shall first be made, if possible, of a dividend of six per cent of the issued part of the authorised share capital. The amount remaining shall be at the disposal of the General Meeting of Shareholders." It is proposed to appropriate EUR 318 million of the profit for payment of dividend and to add EUR 700 million to the retained profits. Heineken N.V. is not a 'structuurvennootschap' within the meaning of Sections 152-164 of the Netherlands Civil Code. Heineken Holding N.V., a company listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, holds 50.005 per cent of the issued shares of Heineken N.V. The Company's authorised capital amounts to EUR2.5 billion. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

Jaarverslagen | 2009 | | pagina 153