Executive Committee The two members of the Executive Board, the five Regional Presidents and five Group Directors together form the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the highest consultative body within Heineken. The Executive Committee supports the development of policies and ensures the alignment and continuous implementation of key priorities and strategies across the organisation. Report of the Executive Board 1. Jean-Frangois van Boxmeer (Belgian; 1961) Chairman Executive Board/CEO In 2001, appointed member of the Executive Board and from 1 October 2005 Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO. Joined Heineken in 1984 and held various management positions in Rwanda (Sales Marketing Manager), DRC (General Manager), Poland (Managing Director), Italy (Managing Director). Executive Board responsibility for Heineken Regions and Group departments: Human Resources, Corporate Relations, Supply Chain, Commerce, Legal Affairs, Strategy, Internal Audit and Company Secretary. 2. René Hooft Graafland (Dutch; 1955) Member Executive Board/CEO In 2002, appointed member of the Executive Board. Joined Heineken in 1981 and held various management positions in DRC (Financial Director), the Netherlands (Marketing Director), Indonesia (General Manager) and the Netherlands (Director Corporate Marketing, Director Heineken Export Group). Executive Board responsibility for Group departments: Control Accounting, Finance, Business Development and Business Process Technology. 3. Didier Debrosse (French; 1956) Regional President Western Europe Joined Heineken in France in 1997 as Sales and Marketing Manager, after having worked with Nivea and Kraft Jacobs Suchard, where he had various commercial positions. He was later appointed General Manager of Brasseries Heineken in France. In 2003 he became Managing Director of Heineken France and Regional President in 2005. 4. Marc Gross (French; 1958) Group Supply Chain Director Joined Heineken in Greece in 1995. In 1999 he became Regional Technical Manager North, Central and Eastern Europe. In 2002 he became Managing Director of Heineken Netherlands Supply. Prior to joining Heineken, he held various management roles with international food and consumer businesses. He was appointed Group Supply Chain Director in 2005. 5. Siep Hiemstra (Dutch; 1955) Regional President Asia Pacific Joined Heineken in 1978 and worked in various commercial and logistic positions. In 1989 he was appointed Country Manager of Heineken Export based in Seoul, South Korea. Subsequently, he held various management positions in several countries including Papua New Guinea, He de la Réunion and Singapore. In 2001 he was appointed Director of Heineken Technical Services and Regional President in 2005. 6. Tom de Man (Dutch; 1948) Regional President Africa and the Middle East Joined Heineken Technical Services in 1971. Following this, he held various management positions in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Nigeria and Italy. From 1992, he was Group Production Policy Control Director. In 2003 he was appointed Managing Director of Heineken's operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Regional President in 2005. 7. Alexis Nasard (Lebanese; 1966) Group Commerce Director Joined Heineken in February 2010 as Group Commerce Director, after 17 years with Proctor and Gamble (P&G) in senior marketing and management roles. From 2006, he was General Manager of the Personal Care business for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Prior to P&G, he was market analyst at Frost Sullivan and strategic planning analyst at Bechtel Corp, both in the US. 8. Michael O'Hare (Irish; 1967) Group Human Resources Director Joined Heineken in May 2009, following 13 years at PepsiCo, of which two years as Chief Personnel Officer. Between 1998 and 2004, he was based in the US both within Head Office and operating business units. From 2004 to 2007, he held the function of Chief Personnel Officer/VP Greater China. Prior to this, he spent six years in banking and accounting. In 2009 he was appointed Group Human Resources Director. 9. John Nicolson British1953) Regional President Americas Entered the beer industry in 1993 through Foster's Brewing Group as Group Executive Director of the Courage business. In 1995, Scottish Newcastle acquired the Courage business and he took up the role of Group Marketing Director. From 2000 until April 2008, John was an Executive Board member of Scottish Newcastle pic. In October 2008 he was appointed Regional President with Heineken. 10. Nico Nusmeier (Dutch; 1961) Regional President Central and Eastern Europe Joined Heineken in 1985 as a management trainee and graduated as a master brewer in 1988. Since then he has held various management positions within Heineken in many parts of the world. In 2001 he was appointed Managing Director of Grupa Zywiec in Poland and Regional President in 2005. 11. Sean O'Neill (British; 1963) Group Corporate Relations Director Joined Heineken in 2004 following eight years in senior roles within the alcoholic beverages sector. Prior to this, he held management roles with a global communication and corporate affairs consultancy based in the UK, Russia, the Middle East and Australia. In 2005 he was appointed Group Corporate Relations Director. 12. Floris van Woerkom (Dutch; 1963) Group Control and Accounting Director Joined Heineken in 2005 as Group Control Accounting Director, after having worked with Unilever for 18 years, where he held various international positions including Finance Director in Mexico and regional Vice-President Finance in Latin America. lO Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V. 11

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