16. Investments in associates and joint ventures Shareholdings India Share of profit of associates and joint ventures and impairments thereof Summary financial information for equity-accounted joint ventures 995 Financial Statements Notes to the consolidated financial statements In March 2008, the joint venture partners of Heineken in UBL filed legal proceedings in India against various Scottish Newcastle (S&N), Heineken and Carlsberg entities claiming that the rights enjoyed by Scottish Newcastle India Private Limited (the entity through which Heineken holds its investment in UBL) in a shareholders' agreement relating to UBL and the Articles of Association of UBL are personal to S&N and do not survive the takeover of S&N by Sunrise Acquisitions Limited in April 2008. On 7 December 2009, Heineken and its joint venture partners in UBL settled their disputes and legal proceedings in India were withdrawn. Also on that date, Heineken and its joint venture partners in UBL entered into a new shareholders agreement pursuant to which Heineken appointed board members and has access to financial information relating to UBL. This information has been used to finalise the S&N purchase price allocation and to adjust the financial information reported under Indian GAAP to comply with Heineken's accounting policies. In millions of EUR 2009 2008 Income associates 7 18 Income joint ventures 120 94 Impairments - (214) 127 (102) In 2009 no impairments were recognised in respect of associates and JVs (2008: EUR 200 million related to our Indian investments in UBL and MAPL and EUR 14 million taken by APB). In millions of EUR Joint ventures 2009 Joint ventures* 2008 Non-current assets 1,375 1,197 Current assets 681 622 Non-current liabilities (430) (365) Current liabilities (631) (659) 795 Revenue 1,540 1,564 Expenses (1,377) (1,388) 163 176 Including S&N shareholdings in India. 112 Annual Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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