Review by region Africa and the Middle East In Rwanda excise duties on beer remained excessive, putting pressure on beer consumption. By carefully controlling costs, Bralirwa's profitability rose fractionally. Increased competition on lie de la Réunion prevented the implementation of price rises to pass on increased costs. Sales climbed and the efficiency of Brasserie du Bourbon increased, so that the profitability remained virtually stable. The economy in Ghana had a difficult time, partly due to the uncertain situation prior to the elec tions at the end of 2000. Ghana Breweries was able to increase its sales and market share. Competition on the beer market is fierce. Consequently, we were unable to pass on the higher costs caused by high inflation in the selling prices. As a result, the profitability remained at the same level as in the preceding financial year. In Chad the sales volume of Brasserie du Logone rose thanks to greater availability of our beers. The brewery in Sierra Leone, in which we hold a minority interest, was able to resume produc tion in June 2000. During the civil war the brewery was badly damaged and out of operation for more than a year. We participated in a share issue to finance the rebuilding. As a result, our participation rose from 33% to 43%. Sales volume of both Heineken and Amstel beer in South Africa encountered a declining beer market. The premium beers segment expanded. The imported volume of Heineken makes local pro duction a realistic option. In Cameroon we succeeded in maintaining sales of our beers brewed under licence by Brasse ries du Cameroun at last year's level. Amstel achieved strong growth and offset the decline of Mützig beer. The demand for higher priced beers in Morocco fell; this was reflected in the sales of Heineken beer. Middle East Exports of Amstel to the Gulf states were under pressure, but Heineken performed well. Tempo Beer Industries in Israel, in which we hold a minority interest of 17.8%, had a difficult year partly as a result of the tense security situation. HEINEKEN N V. ANNUAL REPORT 2000 37

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