Information for share holders The shares and options of Heineken N.V. are traded on Euronext Amsterdam, where the Company is included in the main AEX index. In 2000 the average daily volume of trade was 1,562,285 shares. The shares are also listed on Euronext Brussels and on the stock exchange of Luxembourg. Heineken N.V. is not a 'structuurvennootschap' as defined in the Netherlands Civil Code. Conse quently, decisions on all important matters are taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders. On 31 December 2000 there were 313,583,740 shares with a par value of NLG 5.00 (EUR 2.27) out standing. At a closing price of EUR 64.45 the market capitalization of Heineken N.V. on the balance sheet date was EUR 20.2 billion. Important dates in 2001 Announcement of annual figures 2000 1 March Publication of annual report 29 March Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Amsterdam 26 April Quotation ex final dividend 1 May Final dividend payable 10 May Announcement of half-year figures 2001 12 September Quotation ex interim dividend 13 September Interim dividend payable 24 September Substantial Holdings Disclosure Act Within the framework of the Act concerning disclosure of substantial holdings in listed companies, Heineken Holding N.V., Amsterdam has disclosed an interest of 50.005% in Heineken N.V. Further information is obtainable from the Corporate Communication and/or Investor Relation Departments, telephone +31 (0)20 523 92 39 or via HEINEKEN N.V. ANNUAL REPORT 2000 11

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