Recommendations of the Supervisory Board To the shareholders The Executive Board has submitted the prepared annual accounts for 2000 to the Supervisory Board. These annual accounts, which are set out on pages 53 to 80 of this report, have been audited by KPMG Accountants N.V., whose report appears on page 81. The Supervisory Board recommends you to adopt these annual accounts and, as proposed by the Executive Board, to set the dividend at EUR 125 million and to add the balance of profit, amounting to EUR 496 million, to the general reserve. Per share of EUR 2.27 (NLG 5.00) par value, this proposal represents a dividend of EUR 0.40 (NLG 0.88), of which EUR 0.16 (NLG 0.35) was already made payable as an interim dividend on 26 September 2000. In the year under review Mr O.A.E.E.L. Wittert van Hoogland, former Chairman of the Executive Board and of the Supervisory Board, passed away. Mr Wittert van Hoogland worked with Heineken N.V. for almost 24 years, 14 of which as a member of the company's management. Mr Wittert van Hoogland made an important contribution to the post-war growth of the company, nationally as well as internationally. We honour his memory. At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 20 April 2000 Mr A.H.J. Risseeuw was appointed to the Supervisory Board of the company. At the said meeting Messrs Loudon and De Carvalho were reappointed to the Supervisory Board. Messrs M. Das and H. de Ruiter are stepping down from the Supervisory Board by rotation; both are eligible for reelection immediately. In view of the coming step down of two members of the Supervisory Board, it is also pro posed to increase the number of Supervisory Board members to ten temporarily. It will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to appoint Messrs C. Boonstra and J.M. Hessels as members of the Supervisory Board. Binding proposals for the appointment of four Supervisory Board members will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on 26 April 2001. To the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders it will be proposed to appoint Messrs M.J. Bolland and J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer as members of the Executive Board as of 1 May 2001. Binding nominations for the appointment of two mem bers of the Executive Board will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. In the year under review the Supervisory and Executive Boards held seven joint meetings. Part of one of the meet ings took place in the absence of the Executive Board. Topics discussed at these joint meetings included regularly recurring items, among which financial developments, the policy and operational plans of the operating companies and investment proposals. In addition, consideration was also given to evaluations of investments made, to interest and currency risks, financing transactions and to internal control systems. The financial results were discussed in the presence of the external auditors. One of the meetings was devoted to Group strategy. In addition, ICT developments and progress at head office were considered. One meeting was also held outside the Netherlands, namely at Zywiec in Poland where the management team gave a presentation on the Polish beer market and Zywiec's strategy. The Preparatory Committee met seven times during the year under review. The Audit Committee met twice, with the external auditors present at one meeting. The Supervisory Board would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation for the commitment shown during 2000 by the Executive Board and all employees. Amsterdam, 28 February 2001 The Supervisory Board Hazelhoff Das Loudon Maas De Ruiter De Carvalho Van Vollenhoven Risseeuw HEINEKEN N.V. ANNUAL REPORT 2000 7

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