Heineken NV Profile Heineken N.V. is the world's most international brewing group, with operations in more than 170 countries*, in 2000 the total volume of beer brewed by the Heineken Group was 97,9 mil lion hectolitres, ensuring the Group's second place in world rankings. The Group comprises a large number of operating companies and holds various minority interests. Heineken is also active through export and licencing partners. Production is based at more than no breweries in over 50 countries. The main thrust of Heineken N.V.'s activities is in Europe. Heineken N.V. has its roots in Amsterdam, where, in 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken acquired the Hooiberg (Haystack) brewery. This brewery itself dated from 1592. Very shortly afterwards operations expanded nationwide and across the border. Thanks to a balanced policy on build ing up brands and on acquisitions the Group has developed into one of the world's leading brewing groups. The Group's leading international brands are Heineken and Amstel. These brands are sup plemented and supported by a large number of national and regional brands as well as a num ber of specialty beers. Heineken is the world's most international beer brand and the top seller in Europe. Amstel is Europe's second largest brand. The beers brewed by Heineken are positioned in the premium, mainstream or in the special ties segment of the market. Premium beer is the umbrella term for lagers that on the basis of their quality and good brand image can realize a selling price that is significantly higher than that for mainstream beers. The mainstream segment represents the largest and mid-priced section of the market. Specialties are beers that differ from lager in taste, colour and brewing process or in some other way. Light beers - lagers containing fewer calories - and non-alco holic beers also form separate segments. The Heineken Group has only a very limited pres ence in the low-priced segment. In parts of Europe the Group owns beverage wholesalers, through which in addition to beer it supplies a supporting range of soft drinks, wines and spirits to the on-premise sector. Some of the soft drinks are produced in our own facilities. Research and Development are coordinated from the R&D centre in the Netherlands. Group companies and associated breweries world-wide receive technical and technological support services from the Netherlands. An overview of our breweries and operating companies is shown on pages 50 and 51.

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