Heineken The origins of the enterprise lie in Amster dam, where in 1864 Gerard Adriaan Heineken acquired the brewery De Hooi berg dating from 1592. Soon after the takeover the field of activity was extended to the whole of the Netherlands and a start was made on activities abroad. Heineken is now an international bever ages group producing and distributing leading brands with the emphasis on beer. Sales are made in some 150 coun tries. Worldwide the production of Heineken and Amstel beer takes place in both our own and affiliated breweries as well as under licence by third parties. In addition Heineken gives assistance in the field of both engineering and tech nology. Research traditionally occupies an impor tant position as a basis for the activities of our enterprise. Research and devel opment are co-ordinated from our labo ratory at Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands. Brands sold by us and our affiliated enter prises include: beer Heineken, Amstel, Dreher, Murphy, Mützig, Aguila, Adlerbrau, Grizzly, Bintang. Primus, Anchor, Tiger, Star and Gulder, as well as produced under licence in France: '33', Pelforth, Pélican, George Killian's. soft drinks Royal Club, Sourcy. B3, Sisi and Amigo, as well as a number of international brands produced under licence. shandy Royal Club, Green Sands, as well as produced under licence in France: Panach'. spirits and wine Bokma, Hoppe. Coebergh, Glenmark, Grand Monarque, Jagermeister (produced under licence for the Dutch and Belgian market) and in the Netherlands agencies for Bouchard Père Fils, Osborne. Pommery and Bacardi, inter alia.

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