STAG Western Hemisphere St. Lucia 21 ^**ROiUf*4 result of the country's entry into the Euro pean Community. An agreement was concluded with a local importer for the marketing of Heineken beer. The volume of sales during the introductory year inspires confidence in the further deve lopment of sales in this country. Partly as a result of the introduction of cans, sales of Green Sands shandy, produced under licence in Portugal, were above the 1985 level. As long as a shortage of hard currency exists in Eastern Europe, imports of con sumer goods will have a low priority. This means that despite our increased efforts in this area the export volumes will re main modest for the time being. Western Hemisphere The emphasis of the activities in the Western Hemisphere lies on exports of beer from the Netherlands to the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The enterprise has a brewery in Canada and also interests in breweries in Trinidad. Martinique, St. Lu cia, the Netherlands Antilles, the Bahamas, Surinam, the Dominican Republic, Haiti. Jamaica. Brazil. Argentina. Uruguay and Paraguay. In Costa Rica production takes place under licence. In some of these coun tries we also produce soft drinks. North America The total beer market in the United States showed an increase again for the first time in two years, whilst the import seg ment, as in the previous year, grew at a stronger rate than the total beer market. Despite intensified competition within the import segment sales of Heineken beer again increased and the leading position of this brand in the United States was maintained. In this connection we again benefitted from the vigorous marketing efforts and continuing commitment of our importer Van Munching Co. Inc. Sales of Amstel Light again showed a strong growth, as a result of which this brand retained its prominent position. For the current year, too, expectations are positive. The market for beers im ported from Canada showed a decline in 1986, which also affected the sales of Grizzly beer produced by our Canadian brewery. In Canada our subsidiary Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd. achieved a slight increase in sales in a highly competitive market. The sales of Amstel beer, Amstel Light and Henninger contributed to this in crease. Sales of Grizzly and Peroni beer remained somewhat below expectations. In the course of the year under review the 'Steeler' brand was introduced, espe cially intended for the Hamilton area, where our brewery is established. In response to the growing demand for canned beer, all our brands are now available in this packaging. The doubling of capacity in the bottling plant was com pleted. Following the sharp increase in imports of Heineken beer in the previous year, the volume developed satisfactorily this year. Caribbean With the exception of Puerto Rico there was a further increase in exports of Heineken beer and Amstel Light to the Caribbean. Despite the sharply increased competition, this favourable development is due to a revival of tourism, especially from America, and the undiminished dedication of our importers. The increase in tourism has also led to an improvement in the purchasing power of the local population in a number of important markets. In Puerto Rico there was an end to the many years of growth for the Heineken brand, particularly due to the increased competition. In the past few years Heineken beer has built up such a sub stantial position that efforts will now be made above all to consolidate the market share. Both the sales and the market share of our affiliate National Brewing Company Ltd. in Trinidad showed a sharp increase

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