Supplementary notes Auditors' Report We have examined the 1985 annual accounts, included in this annual report, comprising the Balance Sheet as at December 31, 1985, the Profit and Loss Account for 1985 and the consolidated statements for 1985 of Heineken NV, Amsterdam, together with the notes. In our opinion these annual accounts present fairly the financial position of the company as at December 311985, and the results of its operations for 1985. Amsterdam March 20. 1986 KMG Klynveld Kraayenhof Co. Appropriation of profit Article 12, paragraph 4, of the Articles of Association lays down: 'From the Net profit there shall in the first place be distributed, if possible, six per cent dividend on the issued part of the share capital. The amount then remaining shall be at the disposal of the General Meeting of Sharehol ders.' From the Net profit it will be proposed that N.fl. 67.433.000 be appropriated for payment of dividend and that N.fl. 197.978,000 be added to the General reserve. Special rights under the Articles of Association Article 7, paragraph 2, of the Articles of Association reads: 'The appointment of the members of the Executive Board and of the Supervisory Council shall be made by the General Meeting of Shareholders from a binding nomina tion of at least two persons, to be drawn up for each appointment by the Supervisory Council.' Article 12 paragraph 1of the Articles of Association lays down, inter alia: 'With the approval of the Supervisory Council, the Execu tive Board shall be entitled to determine what part of the positive balance of the Profit and Loss Account is to be appropriated to reserves.'

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