Notes to the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account for the financial year 1985 General The amounts stated in the notes are in thousands of guilders, unless indicated otherwise. Shares in Group companies are valued at net asset value according to the accounting policies followed for the valuation of assets as stated on page 37. Accounts receivable from Group companies are stated at par value. Also stated at par value are: Accounts receivable, Cash at bank and in hand. Long-term debts and Current liabilities. Negative differences between the price and the value according to the stated policies upon the acquisition of Group companies are debited to the General reserve Positive differences are credited to the Revaluation re serve. The difference in value of a Group company at the beginning of the financial year and at the end of the financial year is offset against the Revaluation reserve, in so far as this does not relate to the earnings of the dividends from this Group company. The Profit and Loss Account has been drawn up in accordance with the accounting policies followed for the determination of income as stated on pages 37 and 38. The aggregate amounts referred to in Article 383, para graph 1, Title 8, Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code, in respect of the remuneration, etc. of members and former members of the Executive Board and that of members and former members of the Supervisory Council were 5,125 (1984: 5,120) and 301 (1984: 270) respectively. Balance sheet Financial fixed assets Position on January 1, 1985 Revaluation Profit of Group companies Dividend payments by Group companies Other movements Group companies Position on December 31, 1985 Total Shares 2.334.868 83.089 274.376 - 361,215 92,199 2.257,139 1.600.813 83.089 274.376 - 361,215 1.430,885 Amounts receivable 734.055 92,199 826,254 The cumulative amount of the revaluations as from January 1, 1984, is: 14,126 14.126 50

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