Provisions These comprise: Provision for deferred tax liabilities Provision for pension liabilities Provision for other personnel schemes Other provisions The Provision for pension liabilities largely relates to pensions and annuities which have not been funded elsewhere. The increase in this provision is substantially due to the consolidation of El Aguila. Apart from the increase through the consolidation of El Aguila, the provision for other personnel schemes has risen through the introduction of new schemes and improvement of existing schemes, as well as through necessary supple ments as a result of reduction of government payments to the employees concerned. The provisions are almost entirely to be considered as becoming due and payable after more than one year. Long-term debts The debts becoming due and payable after more than one year relate to: Euro-guilder Notes, interest 10%. redeemable on July 15 1987 Loan in guilders, interest 10.25%, annual repayments of approx. N.fl. 5.3 million already commenced, with the obligation not to encumber the complex at Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands Debentures and private loans, average interest 11.6%, securities given in the form of mortgages up to an amount of N.fl. 148 million Other debts, interest-free 1985 1984 463,872 41,516 152,959 7.378 665,725 480,687 11,480 111,782 4.034 607,983 Total More than 5 years Total More than 5 years 100,000 100,000 42,668 21.335 48.001 26,668 361,680 23,912 528,260 104,525 23,912 305,128 24,224 149.772 477.353 85,205 24,224 136,097 41

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

Jaarverslagen | 1985 | | pagina 38