Africa The beer activities on the African continent relate to both local production under our supervision and imports. The enterprise has interests in breweries in Zaire, the People's Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burun di, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Chad and Angola, as well as in Réunion. In several countries production also takes place under licence. In addition to beer, the companies in Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi also produce soft drinks. In Nigeria, Green Sands shandy is produced under li cence. In Zaire we have an interest in a bottle factory. With regard to 1985 there was generally speaking a good development, though owing to lack of raw materials the turnover in Nigeria - our principal beer market in Africa - declined sharply. Much attention was paid to maintaining and improving the quality of the products; in this connection the quality of locally produced raw materials received particular atten tion. The training possibilities for the brewery personnel were also extended. In addition to the large training school of Nigerian Breweries there is now also such a school in Zaire. At this school employees from all the Francophone coun tries of Africa will in the near future be able to receive instruction both in brewing techniques and in the admin istrative and commercial field. Beer imports are still inhibited in many countries by credit risks and shortage of foreign currency. The decline in our exports to this region was halted by extension of the product range and the development of a number of new markets. The interest in Brasseries, Limonaderies et Malteries du Zaïre 'Bralima' S.A.R.L. in Zaire was increased in 1985 to 69.6% by conversion of existing debts. The recovery in this enterprise continued. Sales and earnings rose. In the meantime major extensions of capacity are taking place in this group's five breweries, the emphasis being on the establishment at Kinshasa. The earnings of the bottle factory, Bouteillerie de Kinshasa 'Boukin' S.A.R.L.. also developed satisfactorily. In the People's Republic of Congothe capacity of Brasserie de Brazzaville S.A. was extended. This additional capacity will become available in 1986 and, in view also of the great demand for our beer, will allow a marked increase in sales. In Rwanda sales by Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwan da 'Bralirwa' S.A.R.L. showed a slight increase. The profitability of the enterprise is satisfactory. Sales by Brasseries et Limonaderies du Burundi 'Brarudi' S.A.R.L. in Burundi remained at the same level as in 1984. The brewery at Gitega came on stream in mid-1985. The growth in sales of the Amstel beer produced here was below expectations. Partly as a result of this the earnings were lower than the previous year. The Douala brewery of International Brasserie S.A.Came roon. reached maximum capacity within three months after start-up of production. In the meantime a substantial expansion of capacity to 350.000 hectolitres has taken place. In addition to the production of Mützig. Amstel beer is now also being brewed under licence by this affiliate. In Nigeria there was a sharp decline in sales by Nigerian Breweries Ltd. owing to the fact that production lagged behind due to the failure to obtain import permits for raw materials and spare parts. In Sierra Leone the economic position remained poor. Owing to shortage of raw materials the production of Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd. was at a low level. No improvement is expected in this position in the short term. Sales at Kumasi Brewery Ltd. in Ghana rose slightly, despite the difficult production conditions as a result of a shortage of spare parts and a declining purchasing power of the population. Negotiations are in progress with the Ghanaian authorities on the obtaining of permission to contract a hard-currency loan for the purpose of technical repairs to the brewery. Despite the difficult conditions, sales by Brasseries du Logone S.A. in Chad were again higher than the previous year. In Angola, partly as a result of the unrest in that country, the two breweries of our enterprise were only able to utilize part of the available capacity. In Morocco the Heineken beer brewed locally under licence was able to improve its position in the market. A technical management contract was concluded with Zambia Breweries Ltd. in Zambia. In addition to rendering assistance in production, Heineken will undertake the task of bringing up to the required technical level the group's two breweries, which are located in Lusaka and Ndola. 30

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