Puerto Rico was again an important outlet for Heineken in 1985. As a result of rising sales the share of the Heineken brand increased, both in the market as a whole - which experienced a slight decline - and in the import segment. This was in spite of intensified competition from American and European beers. Sales of Amstel Light were slug gish. Puerto Rico remained the biggest export market in the Caribbean for our enterprise: after the United States this country is our second export market. Sales of Heineken beer produced under licence in the Dominican Republic by our minority interest Cerveceria Bohemia S.A. proceeded in accordance with expectations in 1985. In conjunction with our local partners, a majority interest was acquired in Cerveceria Nacional Dominica S.A. which has a market share of more than two-thirds in the Dominican Republic. Our holding in Cerveceria Nacio nal Dominica S.A. is about 10%. In Haiti the sales of Brasserie Nationale d'Haïti S.A.. in which we acquired an interest in 1984, developed favou rably. The economy in Jamaica again remained depressed in the year under review. The market share of Heineken beer produced under licence by Desnoes Geddes Ltd.. in which we have a minority interest, remained stable. Despite the economic problems in the Netherlands Antilles the sales by Antilliaanse Brouwerij NV showed a slight increase. The market share of Amstel improved at the expense of imported beers, particularly from the United States. Sales of imported Heineken beer were maintained in Curapao. In Aruba the position was strengthened, amongst other things as a result of changes in the distribution set-up. The economic situation on both islands gives cause for concern for the near future. In St. Martin the growth of the Heineken brand continued unabated. Despite the strong competition from Europe sales of imported beer in the Bahamas increased. At our affiliate Commonwealth Breweries Ltd. the new brewery will be taken into operation in the course of 1986. Central and South America In most countries in Central and South America there has been a difficult economic situation for many years, characterized by a very strong inflation and a substantial foreign debt burden. Although various governments are making efforts to solve the problematical situation, no structural improvements can be expected in the short term. Beer sales in Western Hemisphere Brewed under the supervision of Heineken (in millions of hectolitres) 3.8 4.0 4.2 5.5 6.2 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 in the ionger term, however, we see good opportunities for our enterprise. In Brazil sales of Kaiser beer, produced by the three breweries in which we have a minority interest, showed favourable growth. The capacity of the breweries in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro was expanded. Sales by the breweries in Argentina, Uruguay and Para guay, in which we participate via a minority interest in Quilmes International (Bermuda) Ltd.. proceeded satisfac torily. In Argentina the investment programme to modernize the production facilities was continued. Beer turnover at Surinaamse Brouwerij NV in Surinam was virtually at the same level as the previous year, despite the country's increasing economic problems. In mid-1985 a licensing agreement for the brewing of Heineken beer was concluded with Florida Ice Farm Company S.A. in Costa Rica. The introduction will take place in the current year. 27

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