Other countries In Britain, where the total beer market declined slightly, the lager market showed a continuing growth. Sales of the Heineken beer brewed under licence by Whitbread Co. PLC. approximately kept pace with this. In 1985 the importing of Amstel beer to the United Kingdom was started by Scottish Newcastle Breweries PLC. Having regard to the difficult operating conditions, Dun can. Gilbey Matheson achieved reasonable results with the international spirits sales and the distilleries in Afri ca. Whereas the sales of Heineken beer in Norway were again under pressure in a slightly increasing total market, in Sweden the sales of locally produced Amstel beer were maintained in a somewhat declining market. In Switzerland the sales showed positive growth in the year under review. As a result of the conclusion of contracts with a number of important agents in 1985, the Heineken brand will now be distributed on a national scale. Sales of Green Sands shandy produced under licence in Portugal were at the same level as the previous year. As the exports of our products to most East European countries are linked with the so-called 'offset tradethe volumes remain modest for the time being. Nevertheless the positive development is continuing; in particular, exports to the Soviet Union have shown favourable growth. Western Hemisphere The emphasis of the activities in the Western Hemi sphere lies on exports from the Netherlands to the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The enterpri se has its own brewery in Canada and also interests in breweries in Trinidad, Martinique, St. Lucia, the Domi nican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, the Netherlands Antil les, the Bahamas. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Surinam. In some of these countries soft drinks are also pro duced. North America In the United States the import segment admittedly devel oped more favourably than the total beer market, but there was a distinct weakening in the rate of growth. The leading position of the Heineken brand in the import segment was maintained; sales in the market also increased to some extent in 1985, despite intensified competition in respect of prices and discounts. Thanks to further strong growth in sales, Amstel Light further reinforced its already good position among the imported beers. The Grizzly beer produced at our brewery in Canada confirmed its acceptance in the trade channels and now occupies a satisfactory position in the sector of the Canadian imported beers. Heavy marketing support, including intensive advertising, has again contributed greatly to the sales development of our products in the United States. Once again the co operation with our American importer Van Munching Co. Inc. proved very effective. In Canada the earnings of most breweries are under pressure as a result of severe competition. The market position of our subsidiary Amstel Brewery Canada Ltd. again improved Sales in the take-home sector increased considerably as a result of big advertising efforts and the launching of new brands. Sales increased, amongst other things, by the introduction of Amstel Light and Peroni beer, a brand which is especially intended for the Italian community in Ontario. The capacity of the bottling plant is to be doubled. A canning line will also be installed in order to meet growing demand in Canada for canned beer. Imports of Heineken beer increased sharply as result of strikes at local brewe ries in several provinces. Apart from this incidental favou rable factor, competition remained keen. Caribbean The general economic situation in the Caribbean did not show any revival in 1985. A slight improvement was shown, however, in a few areas where tourism plays an important role in economic life. Despite strong competition from Europe and the United States our exports to this region rose further, partly as a result of once again higher sales in Puerto Rico. In Trinidad the economic recession and strong competition continued. It was therefore a difficult year for our affiliate National Brewery Company Ltd. The turnover of Brasserie Lorraine S.A. in Martinique showed a slight increase, particularly as a result of higher sales of soft drinks. Sales of imported Heineken beer rose further. Windward Leeward Brewery Ltd. in St. Lucia had a satisfactory year. Higher sales were achieved with practi cally all products, both in St. Lucia itself and as regards exports to surrounding islands. 26

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